Fearless Females in Food, Los Angeles

Round 2 of Dine and Dish is next week, so to help out the southern California players, I’m trying to identify all the Queens of Cuisine in Los Angeles (Orange County, though, is an entirely different story). These come to mind right away, but I know there are more:

AOC – Suzanne Goin and Caroline Styne
Amuse Cafe – Brooke Williamson (and Nick Roberts)
Beechwood – Brooke Williamson
Border Grill – Too Hot Tamales, Suzanne Fengier and Mary Sue Milliken
Ciudad – Too Hot Tamales
Clementine – Annie Miller
Crustacean – The Women of the An Family
Europane – Sumi Chang
Fassica Ethiopian Restaurant – Sebel Asfaw (I was swept off my feet on
my first visit)
Finn McCool’s – Gerri Gilliland (This is a bar, but they have food)
Hungry Cat – Suzanne Goin and her husband David (I liked my dinner there)
Jar – Suzanne Tracht
Jin Patisserie – Kristy Choo (and my delicious thoughts)
Josie – Josie LeBalch (and two more women chefs, too!)
La Brea Bakery – Nancy Silverton (Though we think she’s moved on)
Lucques – Suzanne Goin and Caroline Styne
Lula Cocina Mexicana – Gerri Gilliland (Been there many times, but here’s my recent visit)
Mama Voula’s – Mama Voula (She’s the inspiration, though I don’t know how much she actually rules the kitchen. Last time I went, a skinny Latino guy was cooking everything.)
Pam’s Place – Pam Klingliang
Rika Restaurant and Diamond Lounge – Rika Horie (and one of the chefs is Tracy Griffith)

Sona – Chef and co-owner, Michelle Myers (also at Boule Bakery)
Spago – Sherry Yard in pastry
Sweet Lady Jane – Jane Lockhart

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