Fortune Cookie: Look for Happiness and… – The Delicious Daily 12.27.2009

fortune cookie: look for happiness

“Look for happiness and you will find it.”

Okay, but when? When will I find happiness? You know, I’ve been looking for thirty-, er, I mean twenty-something *ahem* years and I still haven’t found it. Will it be soon? Because I like to be prepared and I want to start preparing if I’m going to find it soon. And where? Where will I find this happiness? Why can’t fortune cookies be more specific? See, this is why fortune cookies are stupid. What good is a fortune that doesn’t tell you when and/or where? That’s like giving someone a treasure map that is just a giant blank sheet with nothing but an X on it. “There is a treasure out there. Oh yes, there is. It’s at the ‘X.’ Good luck, Indy.”

I think there was too much sugar in the Walnut Shrimp tonight, by the way.

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  • babamoto

    Happiness depends, as Nature shows,
    Less on exterior things than most suppose.

    MC Baba

  • Trissa

    Haha… just had Chinese for dinner tonight and we also got our share of fortune cookies – at least you got to read yours. My brother in law (who had never eaten a fortune cookie before) ate the whole thing and did not realize there was a piece of paper in the cookie!

  • abraxis

    Maybe the fortune is referring to the six random lotto numbers underneath…

  • Sarah J. Gim

    baba: you’re a poet….

    trissa: ah, he had the cookie with “fiber.” Incidentally, my cousin actually didn’t even GET a fortune so he was traumatized.

    abraxis: Yeah man. If I “find” 10 million dollars, I’m going to be fucking happy. All these people who say money doesn’t bring happiness are poor.

  • Kevin H

    If you haven’t seen this talk on fortune cookies/chinese food in America, you should check it out. Very entertaining. Worth 10 mins of your time.

  • Sarah J. Gim

    Kevin: Thanks for the link! Watched the whole thing. I wouldn’t say it was necessarily entertaining, but it did make some interesting points ~ strangely, do people still eat chop suey? At this point, isn’t it almost a joke?

  • Kevin H

    Oh ya shoot. I guess you wouldn’t get the “Open Source/Linux/Chinese food vs. Microsoft/Franchise” metaphor. I found that spot on.

    Hopefully, the next generation won’t know what chop suey is.

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