Fresh Corn Grill – I Didn’t Eat Corn, Neither Did He

fresh corn grill, westwood, los angeles, ca
Let’s say I decided to open a restaurant. I’d go through all the headaches associated with opening a restaurant like scouting a location, designing the interior, hiring a staff, picking outfits for the servers (most fun!), and of course, I’d work with the chef to develop a menu.

Let’s say that we develop a decent menu and one of the items is, oh, I don’t know, a grilled halibut. Halibut is seasonal, so it would appear on the menu as “fresh” when we open, but not make an appearance until the following year. Nonetheless, halibut is on the menu, and maybe, since we’re going to be getting halibut from our fishmonger anyway, we throw a halibut chowder in with the starters.

Now, when I finally decide on a name for my restaurant, would I name my restaurant the Fresh Halibut Grill? Would I name my restaurant after something that appears on the menu not more than twice, and might not ever really be fresh for more than three months out of the year? Would I? Would I name my restaurant the Fresh Halibut Grill?!?!

Of course not.

I’d call it “Delicious.”

This is sort of what went through my head when we stepped into Fresh Corn Grill on Westwood Boulevard.

fresh corn grill, westwood, los angeles, ca
corn caught my eye

We had driven up and down Westwood Boulevard at least twice trying to decide where to stop in for lunch. Fresh Corn Grill popped out at me because it was new. “Let’s go there!” He said okay. I didn’t even think twice about the decision until we were through the front door.

I slapped my forehead. OMG!

“You hate corn!” I exclaimed. He hates corn. We were stepping through the doorway of the Fresh Corn Grill. That would be like my going for a little lunch at the Fresh Caviar Grill.

We were already inside, though. The place is tiny. There was no one else in there. The guy behind the counter was most likely the owner. We had already invested our politeness and couldn’t just turn around and leave without being noticed and potentially hurting someone’s feelings.

Strangely enough, it didn’t matter that he hates corn. Aside from the fact that the decor is done up in bright corn yellow and vivid corn husk green, there is not much else that is corn-ish about the Fresh Corn Grill. It confused me. But, it was all for the better, since he hates corn.

So I exaggerate. There are more than two things on Fresh Corn Grill’s menu that have corn, but really, two salads that feature corn, a corn vegetable bowl, and a side order of roasted corn cannot be grounds for calling oneself the Fresh Corn Grill. The rest of the menu is pizzas, pastas, and sandwiches. It should be called the Side of Corn Grill.

Incidentally, I can never say the word “corn” out loud again because I have used it so many times in this post that it looks weird to me.

fresh corn grill, westwood, los angeles, ca - caesar salad
cornless caesar salad
fresh corn grill, westwood, los angeles, ca - chicken sandwich
cornless chicken sandwich

We were at the Fresh Corn Grill and neither of us ordered corn; he for obvious reason, and I because none of the five things that actually had corn in them appealed to me.

fresh corn grill, westwood, los angeles, ca - red cabbage slaw
its’ starts with “c” but it’s not corn

My Caesar salad was good, and at under $7, I didn’t feel ripped off that is wasn’t a Corn Caesar. He ordered a Grilled Chicken Sandwich, which was also good, but I thought it was, again, odd that the Fresh Corn Grill would offer a choice of three sides, none of which were corn: roasted potatoes, red cabbage slaw, or a green salad. Look, is it so much to ask to have the option of ordering corn at the Fresh Corn Grill even if he doesn’t like corn?! Options! All I want is the option!

I tasted a bite of his sandwich and it wasn’t bad. Neither was the red cabbage slaw. The food was good. The setting was pleasant. But somehow, I felt deceived by this little cafe that served pizza, pasta and sandwiches, with some corn thrown in for fiber.

If I walk into a place called “Pizza, Pasta and Sandwiches,” they better not have a kernel of corn on their menu or else I’ll be really confused.

Fresh Corn Grill
1510 Westwood Blvd.
Westwood, CA 90024

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1 Sean December 29, 2006 at 4:59 pm

Well, if you’ve read Michael Pollan’s The Omnivore’s Dilemma, then you’ll find that pretty much nothing you eat is actually cornless. It just doesn’t have full kernels in it.


2 hermz January 17, 2007 at 1:53 am

Corniest post ever. And on tDL, that’s saying a lot. =P


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