Friday Night “Lite,” Brunch, Ham and La Hamiglia – The Weekend That Was

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A quick recap of the weekend that was while I gather my thoughts about a single topic into something of a coherent blog post, that will still probably never get posted..

Friday night, we stayed in, had a simple dinner of eggs on a sauté of sweet white corn, zucchini, edamame, fennel sugar snap peas, avocado, and arugula. A lesson well-learned: wash and chop fresh vegetables to keep in plastic containers in the refrigerator to pull out and use “instantly” over the next three or fours days. This must be what it’s like for restaurant cooks. I love it.

Saturday, I returned to Bottega Louie with my ladies who lunch bitches who brunch. The food was good enough that if Bottega Louie were in my ‘hood, I’d eat/drink/stareloveinglyatbutnoteatmacarons every other day, but not good enough to make the 40 minute trek more than once a year. Lucky downtowners…

Daisy got her nails trimmed. I can’t say anything close to the same for me.

Saturday night, we had dinner at Son of a Gun. Of note: the first time I’ve tried Benton’s Country Ham served with an obscene smear of sweet cream butter and corn sticks. I am now inspired to try baking (ohmigodnoreallybaking?!) biscuits to do a Ham Biscuit.

Sunday, we spent the better part of the day with La Famiglia eating Korean food like I haven’t seen kimchi in months. Wait, I actually have not seen Korean food in months, but that is a whole “kimchi thing” that deserves its own blog post.

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