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Hello, My Name is Delicious
Hi. My name is Sarah. I eat far too much than is fashionable, eat out far too much than funemployment should allow, and sometimes, I write about things that could get me into big trouble in little China. In fact, I write this blog. Occasionally, I think it’s funny, but usually, it makes me cry hot tears onto my pillow at night.

There’s more information about me, but enough about me, daaahling. Let’s talk about…me.

I entertain this romantic notion in my head that there are, indeed, a few readers of The Delicious Life. Like seven, perhaps eight if it’s a slow day in the corporate world. At least, a few readers beyond the friends and family whom I force to read because I test them on a weekly basis and threaten to sabotage family get-togethers if they don’t pass, and unfortuantely kids, there is no curve.

I want to get to know you, my seven readers. I want us to, you know, have a relationship. So I have come up with a few random questions that I have randomly selected from random sources that you can answer in the comments. Let’s get to know each other. Heck, other readers will get to know each other and it will be like one big delicious orgy. And if it’s your first time here, well, pour yourself a cocktail already, and join the fun! We don’t bite. Unless you want us to.

  1. What do you do as your occupation?
  2. Drink: what and where?
  3. What was the last thing you ate? If it is the same as mine, omg, that is like…freaky. We could be like…twins.
  4. I know you never cheat on me, but let’s just say you were to cheat on me. Which other blogs do you read? (Ha! It was a trick question! I knew it! You cheater!)
  5. How did we first meet? In other words, how did you first find your way here? (Oh, and if you’re one of the ones I paid off, let’s just keep that our little secret, ‘k?)
  6. Do you take baths?
  7. It’s Friday night. The lights are low. You’re lookin’ out for a place to go…where to, rockstar?
  8. French fries or onion rings? (Don’t you love multiple choice?)
  9. Tony Bourdain: hot or not?
  10. Favorite ice cream flavor?

And if there is anything else you would like to share about yourself that might help you in a court of law, rants, raves, and/or well-thought-out opinions about the state of global warming, please, feel free to share.

** a year ago today, vip is strictly for the soft core **

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