Giving Sprinkles a Run for their $3.25 – Espresso Mocha Babycakes with Vanilla Cream Frosting

espresso mocha babycakes with vanilla cream frosting
Someone must have put decaf in my large non-fat cafe vanilla au lait to go last week because I was sleepwalking through life…I completely missed
Sugar High Friday no. 11, which is so long past now, that the decadent buffet of coffee-doused desserts in already up at LoveSicily, and I am betting that Sugar High Friday no. 12 has already been announced somewhere out there in the food blogosphere. I was late for Tea, now late for Coffee, and I just don’t know if I’ll be able to recover. Someone bring me a double espresso on the double so I can *snap* out of it, and while we’re at it, why don’t we just add a shot or several of kahlua, okay? Thanks. ;)

Ah well, better posting late than never, and I couldn’t let Espresso Mocha Babycakes with Vanilla Cream Frosting go without their fifteen minutes of delicious fame.

*pause pause pause* Okay, that’s enough fame.

sugar high friday no 11, espresso mocha cupcakes with vanilla cream frosting
what we all look like before coffee and makeup

These are the first of several babycakes that are being baked in the Delicious kitchen over the next few days since I have practiced cupcakes only once in the last year – Disco Coco Babycakes for Figi’s Birthday. There is *ahem* a bridal shower coming up far too quickly. What fun it would have been to plan and cook brunch, but the whole party for 30+ pretty little princesses will be catered by Campanile. *sigh* I love Campanile, but that almost left me with nothing fun to do. Who wants to make the floral centerpieces? *gag* Who wants to put together glittery girlie bridal showereque party favors? *rolleyes* Who wants to…do this that and the other? *silent* Who wants to do…the dessert?

Everyone’s heads snapped toward my end of Jenn’s long dining room turned bridal shower planning committee boardroom. Well, duh. Sarah, of course! Thank God, otherwise I might have been relegated to attaching tiny sparkling barettes to to miniature bottles of nail polish with perfect pink and white ribbon. *shudders*

sugar high friday no 11, espresso mocha cupcakes with vanilla cream frosting
all dressed up sweet, soft and pretty for a bridal shower

The very LA thing to do would have been to place an order with one of the many upscale bakeries that are now selling fancy schmancy cupcakes for *gasp* almost three dollars! But that is too easy and not only would I feel guilty for spending only 10 minutes on the phone and maybe 10 minutes picking them up, but I’d also feel cheated because they are so ridiculously expensive. Not only that, the cupcakerie of choice, Sprinkles, didn’t impress me at all last time. There are a few others, but I’m not hopeful. So testing and baking and testing and baking and bringing two and a half dozen homemade cupcakes is my contribution. Espresso Mocha down. Red Velvet, Lemon (maybe with ginger), and Chocolate Fudge to go.

And I swear I will be caught up by the time Sugar High Friday no. 12 whips around. I swear I will have a post up on time. Or at least within a few days of the deadline, not weeks, LOL!

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