Graffiti Coffee, La Brea {cafe}

Graffiti Coffee, La Brea - carafe

What’s black and white and brewed all over? …

Graffiti (sublime) Coffee.

Intelligentsia coffee. Bouchon Bakery and Cake Monkey pastries. Free wi-fi. Valet parking. Soon-to-be-open late. (Lots of) cash only.

Intelligentsia Coffee, pourover

Graffiti Coffee, La Brea - mug and carafe

Iced Coffee Drinks on Back Counter

Graffiti Coffee, La Brea - back counter

Booth Seating

Graffiti Coffee, La Brea - booth seating

Community Table

Graffiti Coffee, La Brea - community table

Front Tables and Chairs

Graffiti Coffee, La Brea - tables and chairs

Mobile from Ceiling

Graffiti Coffee, La Brea - ceiling mobile

Front Sidewalk Patio

Graffiti Coffee, La Brea - sidewalk patio

Graffiti Coffee
180 S La Brea Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90036

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  • Diane, A Broad

    Wow. That is one sexy coffee establishment. +1 for the extra beaker when you get pourover.

  • rooth

    Count me in – I’d love to go here!

  • Whatev

    Pass on this place. Takes cash only. Valet parking. Weird. Huge space that feels more like a nightclub than a cozy coffee house where you want to hang out. Also, very very very expensive. Paid $5.44 for a plain cup of coffee.

  • Guest

    Yey! Intelligentsia coffee in my neighborhood!!

  • DHo

    That looks like a pretty person place. 

    • TheDelicious

      d: it is indeed a pretty person place. WE SHOULD GO HANG OUT THERE (except there is no wine. what kind of demonic place is this?!)

  • Carolina

    If i lived where you lived, I’d be here everyday working.
    and feeling good about myself.

    Nice coffee shops make me feel that. haha

    • TheDelicious

      i totally want to rock the college lifestyle and sit in there with my books and laptop for 8 hours and buy only one coffee. :)

      • Carolina

         The young asian blood runs in you! You still look like you’re in college! It’s ALLLLL good!

  • Askinosie Chocolate

    That shop looks stellar. Will definitely have to check it out if ever on the West Coast. Love me some Intelligentsia!

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