Green Goddess Bagel with Kale Pesto {recipe}

kale pesto on vegan bagel sandwich
If 2016 was the year of Never Ending Avocado Toasts in your instagram feed, then 2017 will be the Year of Cross-cut Overstuffed Bagel Sandwiches, no longer relegated to just breakfast with salmon lox and cream cheese or bacon, egg, and melted cheddar.

“Recipe” for Green Goddess Bagel Sandwich below first; brands, shopping resources, and personal notes after.
kale pesto on vegan bagel sandwich

Green Goddess Bagel Sandwich {recipe}

makes 1 bagel sandwich

I feel as weird and awkward as you do about “recipes” for sandwiches, which require a recipe as much as a bowl of cereal requires a recipe. But whatever, we’re all just trying to make a dollar here, aren’t we?


bagel, your choice, sliced and lightly toasted
almond milk cream cheese
kale pesto
sliced avocado
sliced cucumber
sliced tomato (green if you’re as OCD as I am about keeping a Green Goddess bagel green)
pickled red onions


Generously spread each side of bagel with almond milk cream cheese. Spread a thin layer of Kale Pesto (or other strong, green herb pesto) on the cream cheese on each bagel half.

On one half, layer slices avocado, sliced cucumber, sliced tomato, lettuce, sprouts, and pickled red onions. Top with other bagel half.

Cut sandwich in half. Stack halves and take 423 photos before you finally choose one for instagram, which ends up being the first photo you took anyway. Hate life. Post to instagram. Forget to eat your sandwich.


  • BAGELS: I have no loyalty to any bagel brand, but I always like something that is whole-grain with lots of seeds and seems otherwise “healthy,” even though it’s a bagel. I have recently tried gluten-free bagels by Barely Bread, which are lighter and airier and taste more like bread than a chewy bagel, but with all that other stuff in between, I don’t mind
  • ALMOND MILK CREAM CHEESE: vegan and gluten-free by Kite Hill, which is available at Whole Foods Market
  • KALE PESTO recipe here
  • PICKLED ONIONS recipe coming soon
  • SPROUTS: I used radish sprouts which I found in a plastic clamshell at Whole Foods Market
  • AVOCADO: from JJ’s Lone Daughter Ranch in southern California, available at Wednesday and Saturday farmers’ markets in Santa Monica, Sunday in Hollywood. These avocados are perfection EVERY. TIME.
  • Any and all other produce, organic, from local farmers’ markets or Whole Foods Market
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