It took me a long time to post this Green Goddess Crudites board because the Castelveltrano olives are in a spot that doesn’t balance the board. They should be diagonal and across from the other green, pickled things on the board, the cornichons on the bottom, just right of center. It bothers me so much I was going to re-do the board, but then we were all sent into quarantine and could only eat canned beans and sourdough bread.


This isn’t so much a recipe, as it is a list of ingredients with resources, and links to recipes for dips if they’re needed. The recipe for the Green Goddess Dip is included here.

Essentially, get all the green vegetables you can, cut them into dippable size, and serve with a variety of dips. The ones on this board are Yogurt-based Ranch, Green Goddess, Guacamole (this shouldn’t require a recipe), and White Bean Hummus. Also suggested, Whipped Feta, but I hadn’t made Whipped Feta back when I assembled this board.


Use this as a guide for washing, prepping, and if necessary, blanching, most vegetables for Crudités.

serves 4 to 8 depending



1 cup Yogurt Ranch
1 cup Green Goddess Dip [see below]
1 cup Whipped Guacamole
1 cup White Bean Hummus


2 heavy Little Gem lettuce heads cut lengthwise into sixths (or about a dozen romaine heart leaves)
2 endive heads, leaves separated
2 Persian cucumbers, cut into 3-inch long sticks
4 green honeydew radish, cut lengthwise into quarters
4 small avocados cut length-wise into eighths
1 cup sugar snap peas
1 fennel bulb, sliced into ¼-inch wide sticks, or celery
½ cup Castelveltrano olives
½ cup cornichons
handful of green tortilla chips
8-10 asparagus spears, flash-blanched, cooled, and cut into 3-inch length
1 bunch baby broccoli, flash blanched and trimmed of tough ends
1 dozen green beans, flash blanched
small head Romanesco or green cauliflower, broken into florets


1 clove garlic, very finely minced and smashed with ¼ teaspoon salt
2 anchovies, smashed into a paste
1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice
¾ teaspoon kosher salt, plus more to taste
¼ cup mild olive oil
¼ cup sour cream or yogurt
¼ cup chopped parsley
2 tablespoons chopped basil
2 tablespoons chopped chives (or green onions)


Make the Green Goddess Dip: In a food processor, combine the garlic, anchovy, lemon juice, and salt. Slowly add in olive oil a few drops at a time to emulsify. You are essentially making a type of aioli (mayonnaise without raw egg). Add sour cream or yogurt, and chopped herbs and process until smooth. Taste for seasoning, and adjust salt, pepper and lemon juice as needed.

Assemble the Board: Place small bowls with dips on the board near the edges or corners.

Arrange lettuce wedges, endive leaves, cucumbers, radish, avocados, sugar snap peas, fennel, olives, cornichons, tortilla chips, asparagus spears, broccoli, green beans on a large cutting board, cheeseboard, tray, or platter. Garnish with dried oregano, fresh basil, and chopped fresh parsley if using.


  1. Little Gem Lettuce: Little Gem Lettuces are their own variety of romaine-like lettuce; they are not baby romaine. I get my Little Gems from The Garden Of farm at the Santa Monica Farmers Market, but have seen them at smaller grocery stores like Bristol Farms and Erewhon (Los Angeles). They are not super easy to find, so you can use the smaller, inside leaves of the heart of regular Romaine lettuce.
  2. Endive: Endive is a spear-shaped chicory. They are available at Whole Foods, and I have seen them in packages of red and white (yellow) combined in a package at other grocery stores. Yellow/white endive turns green when it sits out in sunshine! They are fine to eat, obviously, they just naturally turn green.
  3. Persian Cucumbers: Organic Persian cucumbers in packages are available year-round in grocery stores. They are available at farmers markets mid- through late summer.
  4. Green Honeydew Radish: I have only seen these green-tinged radishes from Weiser Farms at Santa Monica Farmers Market. If you can’t find them, use white regular round radishes with the greens attached.
  5. Small Avocados: In the summer, from JJ’s Lone Daughter Ranch. In the off-season, small avocados available at Whole Foods.
  6. Snap Peas: Organic, in plastic packages at Whole Foods
  7. Green Tortilla Chips: This organic brand is naturally green because they’re made from spinach and kale. No, they do not taste as crisp or crunchy as regular tortilla chips. They taste like spinach and kale tortilla chips.
  8. Anchovies: This is my favorite brand of anchovies for almost everything. However, they are kind of expensive for a tiny jar — and I ALWAYS RECOMMEND anchovies in jars rather than in tins so you can close with a lid and store. Because the anchovies are going into a recipe that has a lot of other strong flavors for the Green Goddess Dip, and will be used with salty, vinegary pickled ingredients, you can get away with more affordable anchovies, like these (which I use in cases like this).  When making  Anchovy Vinaigrette, though, the anchovies are the star ingredients, so splurge on the better anchovies.
  9. Mild Olive Oil: If you have one olive oil in your house, by all means use it. However, if you have a choice, use the olive oil with the mildest flavor, even one that is labeled “light.” Extra-virgin olive oil might be too expensive to use in a salad in which it will be competing with other fairly strong flavors (fresh garlic, raw onions, vinegar pickled vegetables, hot and spicy peppers). I use this $10-$15 grocery store olive oil as my everyday olive oil, and Brightland as my “special” i.e. served by itself with bread or drizzled over a caprese.
  10. Casteleveltrano Olives are medium-sized, bright green olives that are mild in taste. They are sold bulk in the Olive Bar, where we’re never going again after this pandemic or in jars in the same aisle where regular olives and other pickled vegetables are. Substitute any favorite olive.
  11. All fresh herbs and produce from either the Santa Monica Farmers’ Market on Wednesday, or Whole Foods Market when I can’t find what I need at the farmers’ market.



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