Green Goddess Grilled Cheese Sandwich + Delicious Links F.10.17.14

green goddess grilled cheese (avocado + spinach + kale pesto + mozzarella and goat cheese)

  1. But first, grilled cheese. Specifically, the Green Goddess Grilled Cheese that I made for the first time a few years ago for TasteSpotting, and continues to make the “ooh aah” rounds on social media. It is strange how posts can re-emerge again and again. And again. {tastespotting}
  2. The bacon boom was not an accidental food fad; it was a carefully calculated, long strategic play {businessweek}
  3. Brunch is for Jerks. I have so much emotion about this that I am saving for a full post {new york times}
  4. And fine dining is for 2nd graders: very cute video of kids at New York’s Daniel {new york times video}
  5. New York is a HUNDRED TIMES BETTER than LA for everything, except this one thing. I agree with the one thing, but believe LA is the BEST for everything. {new york magazine}
  6. LA is the best, including its “tech scene” {techcrunch}
  7. Always love a non-resident’s take on favorite places in LA (very eastside-centric) {SF girl by the bay}
  8. The final, numbers-crunched word on whether it’s better to RENT vs BUY (and for the most part, unless you can get a place equally as good as a place to buy, but for impossibly cheaper, it is better to BUY) {new york times}
  9. Fun map of who the wealthiest woman is in each of the Unites States {movoto}
  10. In the Bay Area, these are the youngest billionaires, which includes 30-year-old Elizabeth Holmes, who founded a healthcare technology company {7×7}
  11. Speaking of Bay Area, 37 Things You Should Definitely Eat {flavorverse}
  12. And How to Spend 36 Hours in Berkeley, a “revisit and reminisce” road trip that has been on my list for years. {new york times}
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