Green Tea – New Year’s Resolution No. 1

Green Tea New Years Resolution

I’ve decided to cut back on coffee, but I’m not sure why.

Perhaps it just doesn’t seem healthy to have any sort of addiction?

Of course, this time next year, I will probably be addicted to green tea.

I have many more New Year’s Resolutions, one of which is “blog meaningfully, more often than once-a-year,” but I’m still working on that post (along with many other posts which are long overdue). I will post them soon.

Or later.

Maybe someday.

I also resolved that I wouldn’t procrastinate.

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  • Christy

    I resolved not to procrastinate, too. But I’m already behind on my latest writing project.

    Green tea is supposedly better for you, and I drink it regularly. But I think coffee is OK for some people. As long as they don’t turn it into dessert with lots of milk and sugar.

  • Diana

    Coffee has some benefits. Just not a pot a day. Green tea is good, but to speed you metabolism, you’d have to drink around 6 cups a day.

    But I loves me a cuppa green tea, leaves or powder. Better is the green tea with roasted brown rice. Genmai cha ROCKS!

  • Dommy!

    Good for you! Green Tea is a bit lower in caffine, but it won’t be such a crash. The thing is, the selection can be dizzying… even more so than coffee… Locally, Ten Ren, Bird Pick, Spice Station, Sugarbird all have amazing varieties and blends of green tea… but I’m at the point where I serious have to STOP buying tea… My stash is getting ‘mbarrasin’…


  • Trissa

    Happy New Year Sarah… one of my failed resolutions (lasted a day) was to quit the coffee… I hope you resolution lasts longer than mine!

    About the procrastination – you can always start next week! ;)

  • deana (lostpastremembered)

    I hate to tell you, but I have a few recipes for delicious and highly alcoholic ‘punches’ made with green tea…. and they used to put gin in coffee in 19thc England…. perhaps an alternative to denial!! Happy New Year, Sarah!

  • Jennifer

    I am trying to figure out what I should give up or change this year.

  • Yelena

    I love tea … too bad, I love coffee too! Good Luck with your resolution!

  • Becky

    I’m with Jennifer. I have fallen behind on coming up with a resolution all together! Cheers!

  • vivek dominos india

    its obvious green tea s good 4 health and also tastes good…

  • Ashley @ Taste for Healthy

    I’ve decided to cut back on coffee as well! And, funny, I just wrote a post about all of the reasons why…

  • green tea diets

    Well the answer to the problem of overweight population would drinking tea. Studies find it that the short term reduces systolic and diastolic blood pressure. And it deals with the cholesterol in your body.

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