Grub, Hollywood – What Girls Eat When Boys Aren’t Watching

Grub, LA, Brunch - Tuna Melt

Are You Yolking? Egg Sandwich $8.75

Eggs with Cheddar cheese on French toast croissant, with bacon ($2.75)
Grub LA Brunch - Are You Yolking Egg Sandwich

Grub LA, Brunch, Are You Yolking Egg Sandwich

Tuna Melt Sandwich $11.95

Grub LA, Brunch, Tuna Melt

Black Pepper Potato Chips

Grub LA, Brunch, Chips

Eggs-actly $9.95

Scrambled egg whites – virtuous
Grub LA, Brunch, Scrambled Egg Whites


Grub LA, Brunch, Bacon

Lemon Basil Champagne $14.50

“Lemon Basil Champagne, please,” I said to the server.
“If you’re all having it, you might want to get a carafe. Or even a half carafe,” she recommended.
“Oh? Ok, half carafe.”
*ahem* I basically drank a half carafe myself.
Grub LA, Brunch, Lemon Basil Champagne

Grub, LA

Grub LA, Brunch, Front Door and Patio Corner

911 Seward Street
Hollywood CA, 90038
32. 461.FOOD
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  • lynn @ the actors diet

    i love grub and haven’t been there in maybe 2 or 3 years? what’s wrong with me?!?!

  • catty

    Have heard about this place a number of times. Added to my Feb 2011 LA list :)

  • justcooknyc

    yeah, that looks like my kinda food

  • Bri Bermuda

    this looks like cafe comfort food. the scrambled egg whites look great.

  • diet green tea

    We have to remember that healthy lifestyle begins on how we choose the food that we eat. And it will need discipline and self-control on our part, but as we all know only few have it.

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