Gummy Bears in the Hotel Mini Bar – The Delicious Daily 12.04.2009

gummy bears from hotel mini bar

Room in hot downtown hotel: $300.
Valet parking with in-and-out: $30.
Fucking with housekeeping with 99 cent gummy bears from CVS: priceless.

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  • MyLastBite

    I was about to write… $1 for EACH gummy bear! LOL!!!!!!!

    Good one.

  • babamoto

    O, Delicious, what was in the intimacy package?

  • Sarah J. Gim

    MyLastBite: Those gummy bears better come with a happy ending…

    babamoto: Sadly, I didn’t have reason to tear open the intimacy package! And stupid me – I didn’t even think to read what was inside or take a picture!

  • yuttiness

    hehe. beary funny. get it? beary

  • Sarah J. Gim

    yutz: you are too clever for your own good. and your own bad.

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