The Hart and the Hunter, West Hollywood {restaurant}

Hart and Hunter - butter biscuits

There’s probably a moral to this story somewhere…

Assorted Pickles of the Day

Hart and Hunter, Assorted Pickles of the Day

Butter Biscuits and Condiments

Hart and Hunter, Butter Biscuits

Smashed white Bean Pate

Hart and Hunter, smashed white bean pate

Smoked Trout

with boiled egg, pickled onions, capers, and avocado toast [$11]
Hart and Hunter - smoked trout

Melted Raclette

Butterball potatoes, cornichons, ham, and mustard, with soft bread [$15]
Hart and Hunter, raclette

Roasted Brussels Sprouts

side, [$6] Burnt.
Hart and Hunter, brussels sprouts

Sprouting Broccoli and Chili Vinegar

side, [$7] Too much vinegar.
Hart and Hunter, grilled broccoli

Pali Hotel, West Hollywood

Pali hotel, west hollywood

The Hart and the Hunter
at Pali Hotel
7950 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90046
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  • ahu

    well the pickles look amazing – i love me some pickled cauliflower!

  • Sarah J. Gim

    ahu: of all things, you pick out the cauliflower! me, too! i just bought a
    JAR of pickled vegetables at the market and inspected every single jar
    to make sure i got the one with the most cauliflower! lol

  • Todd

    Those brussels sprouts look amazing. I LOVE when they are burnt on the outside. I hope your comment wasn’t being catty. The outer leaves of Roasted brussels should be charred.

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