Hello Level – How to Respond When Vodka Greets You

level vodka hello delicious ad campaign
“Hello delicious.”

Seems I haven’t been paying attention to the outside world because apparently, they’ve been waiting for me. Well, Delicious is here. The one for whom you’ve all been waiting is here, and I’m saying…

“Hello Level.”

hello delicious, level vodka ad campaign, sunset blvd, west hollywood, los angeles, ca

When the first thought in someone’s head when they see the word “delicious” is to picture message you…

When a premium vodka builds an entire ad campaign around you…

When a billboard on Sunset Blvd. calls you out by name…

When Delicious replaces the Hollywood(land) sign…

level vodka hello delicious ad campaign, billboard on sunset blvd, west hollywood, los angeles, ca

You know you’ve arrived. Delicious has arrived.

Now where’s my Entourage?!?!

(Please, be a doll and refrain from pointing out the obvious and ruining the fantasy of Hollyblog domination for me, m’kaaay? Fantasy. Other than a cheap Tupperware half-filled with homemade vanilla ice cream in my freezer and a pantry of boxes of dried pasta, that’s all I have right now. Fantasy.)

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