High Five! High Five! – Five Blogs for Blog Day 2005

For some reason, someone decided that August 31, 2005 would be Blog Day because the numerical date looks like the world “blog.” 31-08. Obviously, that’s the date format in the rest of the normal world, because the US is weird and does things backwards and it’s 08-31, which would really be “ogbl.” *shrugs*

I’m linking to five blogs that I picked for nothing more than very silly reasons. I mean, isn’t that what blogging is really about? Just random streams of hyperlinking…


Delicious:Days gets a *high five!* because we share the same name. See? No logical reason other than the name thing. Good thing I don’t pick friends or boys in such a willy nilly manner. LOL! Actually, I visit Delicious:Days in Germany quite often because Nicky and Oliver’s site is beautifully designed and their food photos are pretty much your top of the line triple x food pornography.

delicious! delicious!

Another high five to Delicious! Delicious! because Caryn is not only doubly “delicious,” and so enthusiastic about it with exclamation! But she is also a fellow LA girl, posts to her blog in the format of a screenplay, and like Delicious:Days, has incredibly mouthwatering photos. So far, my favorite has been her guacamole. Excuse me while I wipe the corners of my mouth that are starting to glisten…

delicious biting

I just recently came across Delicious Biting, another “delicious” blog, based in LA, and she focuses most of her attention on Korean food! It’s almost twilightzone, huh? Delicious, Los Angeles, Korean and check out those stiletto heels! I haven’t even met her and I love her already! Thank God her real name isn’t Sarah, otherwise I’d just be way too freaked out.

Two more *high five!*s to Deep End Dining and Yongfook.

Deep End Dining is not delicious. It’s scary. Eddie eats weird s*** like octopus tentacles at the Prince in LA’s Koreatown. Octopus tentacles? Sure, I eat those too…in Korean, they’re cooked into nahk-jee-bok-keum. But Eddie sucks octopus tentacles down while they’re still f**king wiggling around on the plate!!! It’s so nasty and yet…and yet…Can’t. Stop. Watching. Video…

Last but not least, there is Yongfook. I found him like, three days ago, and I do believe I have yet another cybercrush, LOL! He’s young, he’s hot (wait a seco…is that his real picture?), he has quite a sassy potty mouth, and he’s f**king hilarious. Oops. I have a potty mouth, too. No wonder…

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  • Reggie The Gator

    Thanks for providing me with so many great links. Deep end dining is one of my favorites. Live Tentacles at the Prince. I guess it’s better than live Gators.

    Support your local gator. http://savereggie.blogspot.com

  • MEalCentric

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for introducing me to yongfook. It is now 530 Pm on Friday and I have accomplished squat in the past hour and half because I am so consumed with his site. Wait, should be thanking you for this? ok, back to his blog.

  • sarah

    LOL! mealcentric – isn’t it sort of strangely addictive? LOL!

    la cheese – i NEVER watch korean tv. i absolutely refuse! lol!

  • Eddie Lin


    I’m very flattered that you included me in your blog day list. Thank you! And since you are so strangely obsessed with my tentacles video, I will offer my services to make one of your own. Anytime you want we can go to the Prince and I can videotape you sticking writhing tentacles in your mouth. Wow, that sounded kinky.

    Check, please.

  • sarah


    thank you, eddie.

    may i have another?


  • hermz

    high five! high five!! haha!

  • Anonymous

    whats up is everybody living or what!!!

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