Delicious Dozen Cookbooks for the LA Dining Socialite Who Sometimes Cooks at Home

holiday gift ideas: los angeles based cookbooks
Here’s the Delicious Dozen Holiday Gifts of Books for the LA Socialite Who Sometimes Cooks at Home because The Delicious Life is lived mostly in LA and because books are forever unless you burn or shred them.

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Stalk the Market: In your miserable life, Wednesday is Hump Day. In The Delicious Life, Wednesday is Market Day because my office is just beyond one block from the Santa Monica Farmers’ Market. Buy fresh fruits and vegetables on Wednesday. Use the Santa Monica Farmers’ Market Cookbook to cook every other day.

Parsons on Peaches: Of all the food writers at The Los Angeles Times, Russ Parsons might be my favorite because his first book is called How to Read a French Fry. How to Pick a Peach is his second.

LA is Full of Fruits and Nuts: Everyone outside LA might think all we eat is brown rice and tofu. Everyone inside LA knows all we eat is brown rice and tofu..along with other organic vegan foods from Real Food Daily.

Lean Like El Cholo: If you grew up like I did thinking Mexican Pizza from Taco Bell was authentic, El Cholo (and I) has three words for you. Green. Corn. Tamales.

Top Chelf: You don’t need an entire cookbook to grill a steak, but you do need Craft of Cooking if you want Top Chef’s, and now Century City Craft’s, Tom Colicchio in your house.

Queen of Cui-scene: From La Brea Bakery to Campanile and now to the pair of Mozzas, Nancy Silverton is the Queen of the LA Dining Scene. You probably won’t snatch up a reservation at Mozza, so settle for cooking out of jars, cans, bags and boxes with her new book, A Twist of the Wrist.

Mozza Mario: The orange clogs made their way west to open the Mozzas with Nancy Silverton. Mario Batali has a slew of cookbooks, none focused yet on Mozza, but a slew anyway.

Lucques, I am Your Father: First there was Lucques. Then there was AOC. If you count the Hungry Cat by way of marriage, then Suzanne Goin has pulled off a hat trick. Her cookbook is a collection of recipes inspired by Sunday Suppers at her first restaurant. Now I’m waiting for a cookbook with Bacon-wrapped Dates.

Table Ate: My copy of Chef Govind Armstrong’s book is autographed. You’ll just have to hate me while you make a Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Pulled Shortribs.

Nobu-tiful: Matsuhisa. It’s closing. It’s remodeling. It’s closing. It’s moving. It’s closing. It’s re-opening. We know Nobu is here to stay. His new book is called Nobu West.

Summer Campanile: How can you not love a restaurant that has the same logo as your college? I may never say it correctly — “campa-kneel” or “campa-nilly” — so thank Goodness I can just point at the cover of the Campanile cookbook.

Little Sigh Gone: As with Thai food, I am learning to love like Vietnamese food. It’s hard to do so when the best of it is all the way in The OC, but maybe I can wrap up Summer Rolls at home.

Did I miss any? Add them in the comments…

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  • Hillary

    Huhhh?! You have a food blog for goodness sake!!

    Chew on That

  • Koele

    Aloha! I just couldn’t put down “Desserts by the Yard” by Sherry Yard. I don’t even really like pastry but to read her story and anecdotes is inspiring, entertaining, hear warming and humorous. She captivated me from the very start. Great pictures of her, pastries and the Oscar night treats. A great read and certainly an LA star she is herself! Aloha & Melekalikimaka!

  • hermz

    That’s like someone publishing a half-written post every three months and calling herself a blogger.

    Half-written? That’s being generous. :P

    As for Wed. being Hump Day in my miserable life, it was like that last year. Most days of the week were hump day, actually. But I couldn’t put up with the crazy.

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