Delicious Dozen Gifts for the Obsessive Compulsive Food Blogging Perfectionist

delicious dozen gifts for the food blogger
Though The Delicious Life may appear to be a food blog, and more specifically, a blog that covers restaurants in and around Los Angeles, the reality is that most of the writing here has very little to do with what would be expected from a food and restaurant blog.

In other words, this “food blog” isn’t really about food.

In other other words, this “food blog” is really just about little delicious moi. Using food as a proxy for life, most often in the context of a restaurant, I pretty much write about myself. Is that self-centered? Am I a narcissista?

Isn’t it obvious if I have to ask?!

I am not quite sure why I maintain The Delicious Life’s guise a food blog, but I think it really is that it is impossible to dissociate food from my life’s experiences and emotions. There are many people who eat simply to sustain life. There really isn’t any thought put into what they eat, because they are counting carbs, counting calories, or counting beans, making them too busy to enjoy the experience of eating.

However, there are just as many people, myself included, whose lives are defined by food, and many of these people are food bloggers. (Make no mistake, I have been in all three of the former situations many a time, of course.) Dining out is a social, not biological, experience for me (unless it’s a 4 am sobering experience at Benito’s). Cooking a meal for friends and family is an expression of love. Holidays are defined less by dates and history, and more by the food that we share with another. What we eat, when we eat, where we eat – these are all tied to who we are and our personal histories. “Reviewing” a restaurant is a journal entry about last night’s evening out, blogging about Sahm-gyae-tahng is a public display of affection for my family, and posting a recipe for mahn-doo or hard-boiled eggs is just another way to record an event on my life’s calendar.

So yes, food blogging is a little bit self-centered, but I don’t think I’d have it any other way. What would be the point?

Culinary Compact: Heaving an enormous digital SLR onto the table to take a picture of prosciutto might get her thrown out of the restaurant. Besides, the Canon’s high quality compact camera fits in her clutch.

Peas in a Tripod: An overturned mixing bowl might work in her own kitchen studio, but when she’s out, the Gorillapod will wrap around anything to get a good angle.

Food Porn Star: It’s not enough these days to put up a still photo of that pasta. Blog audiences want acting! Genius! She’ll thank you for the simplicity of Flip Video‘s one-touch use when she’s got both hands deep in the dough.

Fancy Framework: If she’s serious about food photography, go for the big gun that goes beyond pointing and shooting.

Self-reflection: Flashbulbs are so paparazzi. Use different colored reflectors to leverage natural and atmospheric lighting to give a gourmet glow.

Studio Exec: She could contort her body around the shower door to get reflections off the tiles against a porcelain white background, or she could just take pictures of her food in a portable studio.

Rice on White: Everything looks better on white dinnerware unless she’s blogging about steamed white rice, and even then, white on white sure looks right.

Gourmet Grammar: It ain’t write to blog in all smaller case with no punctuations and bad grammer.

Chubby Huby: Like a wooden knifeblock, but for electronics instead of knives. And made of plastic instead of wood. And it’s round instead of rectangular.

Write Now: Help her make some real dough from her cookie dough because GoogleAdsense and Amazon Affiliates aren’t cutting it.

PC Anywhere: She can throw the tiny Asus eee PC in her re-usable market tote and blog from the Farmers’.

Grocery Storage: Exotic spices go in a rack. Dried pasta goes in the pantry. Data goes on a drive.

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