Hollywood Bowl – Packing Heat, Taking it to Go

hollywood bowl, los angeles, ca - picnics
Two words: Sex Bomb.

Technically, it’s one word, “Sexbomb,” but I like spacing them out, you know, for effect. Em-PHA-sis.



You see, this summer, everyone is getting their iPod earphones in a tawdry tangle over Belle and Sebastian at the Hollywood Bowl, but I? I thought Belle and Sebastian were a Beauty and a Crab. For me, it’s Tom Jones, dropping sexbombs all over the Hollywood Bowl on Friday and Saturday, July 21-22, 2006.

<!– Unfortunately, that is the same weekend that a giant party goes down dropping bass all over the streets of downtown LA. Sure sure, I could do Tom on Friday and Ken Jordan on Saturday – goodness knows that I’ve booked back-to-back dates like that before – but I can’t risk missing Saturday night because I’m 48 hours in the Alabamma Slamma for indecent exposure during What’s New Pussycat the night before. –>
** a year ago today, guido taught me ispirazione **

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