Hot Chili Honey [recipe]

Is this really a recipe if it only has two ingredients? Let’s say it is. Recipe for Hot Chili Honey first, cook’s notes/tips and Shopping Resources follow.

Hot Chili Honey [recipe]

makes about 1 cups


2 hot chili peppers like Fresno or red jalapeno
1 cup light, transparent honey


Wearing gloves, slice the chili peppers into thing rings. Remove seeds.

Stir together the sliced hot chilis and honey in a small, heavy-bottom pot. Turn heat to medium, bring hot chilis and honey just barely to boiling, then remove from heat. Allow Hot Chili Honey to cool slightly.

If you want a subtle heat, remove the hot chilis from the honey and discard before storing. If you like heat, leave the chilis in the honey and store.


  • HOT CHILIS. Use whatever spicy chili you can handle. Jalapenos are easy to find, and if you want the color, try to find red jalapenos.
  • HONEY. A fancy, expensive honey isn’t necessary here. Use a standard, light transparent honey. It doesn’t really matter the type of flower it comes from, but it does matter that it’s “light.”


  • GLASS JARS. I only have wide-mouth pint-size (2 cup) glass mason jars, as they seem to the size I use most often. Sometimes a jar gets filled only filled halfway, sometimes I have to use two, but it works to only have to worry about a few of the same thing than a bunch of different things. Such is also life.
  • PLASTIC MASON JAR LIDS because I hate those two piece metal lids that come with most mason jars. Just throw those away. Or maybe you can use them as cookie cutters.
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