How to Cure a Hangover – What You Might Need If You Win Tickets to Jonathan Gold’s Cocktail Party

Alka Seltzer to the rescue

Oh, you didn’t get the tickets in Tuesday’s giveaway for Jonathan Gold’s Speakeasy Cocktail Party?

Bummer. Looks like you’re going to have to stay in on Saturday night in your fat pants with two pints of Sweet Rose Creamery‘s Malted Chocolate Ice Cream with Hazelnut Brittle, a tivo full of last season’s gLee and your neighbor’s cat that you borrowed because you’re so pathetic you don’t even have your own cat. Again.

Or you could tell me how you plan to cure the hangover you’re going to have after partying all night with drinks from Caña Rum Bar, Seven Grand, The Varnish, Cole’s and Las Perlas.

Don’t ask me how or why I got a second pair of tickets to the…um…hottest…ticket in town, to give away. I just did, okay?


You must do all two steps in order to enter the random drawing.

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Leave a comment on this post with your best recommendation for HOW TO CURE A HANGOVER because you just might need it after partying all night with Jonathan Gold. (In case you care, me: alka-seltzer and a giant bowl of steaming hot pho.)

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Because some of you are afraid of twitter, the second requirement is to share this giveaway, whether it’s on twitter or facebook:

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Please don’t say it isn’t fair that I’m requiring this because you don’t have either account because I understand if you’re afraid of twitter, but who on Earth does not have a facebook account?! (Mom, Dad, please ignore this statement. You should never get on facebook.)

You have 24-ish hours. This giveaway ends tomorrow, October 1 at 12 noon so that who(m?)ever gets the tickets has enough time to find a date.

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  • Caroline

    I just drink lots of water and pop a couple of Advil. If I’m ambitious, I go for a run on the treadmill and sweat out the toxins.

  • Kate @ Savour Fare

    2 ibuprofen and a BIG glass of water before bed. In the morning, sesame bagel with a sliced tomato and cream cheese. Sops up extra stomach acid, not too pungent, tomato helps it taste fresh.

  • H.C.

    During my stint doing PR for a nutritional supplement company, I was told by my colleagues that SAM-e does wonders for preventing hangovers — so I keep them on hand, along with Emergen-C packets. Who couldn’t use something fizzy when battling a headache from hell?

  • Rachael

    Lots of water, lots of sleep, lots of comfort food to soak it up ~ hot soup is also a trick of mine ;) @glassofwin

  • Carmen

    I sleep for as long as humanly possible, down bottles of water and gatorade, and eat a big bowl of ramen noodle soup!

  • Cara

    Vitamin water, a greasy philly cheesesteak sammich, and a fresh doobie ;)

  • ShopEatSleep

    At least one large glass of water before bed, then whatever I can stomach in the morning. I know people who swear by drinking Coke the next day.

  • mel ch


  • kittenteeth

    A glass of water before bed. Bacon, eggs, hashbrowns, & coffee in the morning…err, afternoon?

  • Jeff Prosser

    5 aspirin and as much water as you can humanly consume.

    Twitter: wwwtrash

  • Master B

    Before bed to prevent the Hang Over
    12 ounce glass of water
    6 ounce glass of orange juice
    1 pack of spicy kimchee ramen, 1 egg
    3 advils

    If you forget the above: then resort to the following – in the following order.
    12 ounce glass of orange juice
    12 ounce glass of water
    2 tylenols (too late for ibuprofen)
    4 ounces of green tea
    1 bowl of chicken pho (extra chili)
    (stay away from coffee)
    another 12 ounce of water
    go back to bed….wake up in 3hrs…’ll be good as new :)

  • Jon

    Breakfast burrito: bacon, eggs, potato, cheddar cheese, refried beans. Wash it all down with a red gatorade.

  • Xuan

    Take activated charcoal the night before and you’ll totally be fine the next day. Just makes sure you drink plenty of water before and after, cuz you don’t want to look like an old dried up hag.

  • Lindsey

    I’m unable to cure a hangover but I’m pretty good at pre-combating the hangover with a 4th meal and a diet coke. @LiloMG

  • Hemang

    OJ is a classic cure because it can speed up the metabolism of alcohol!
    Gatorade is also good because it replaces fluid lost through sweat, etc and lowers your body temperature & even replaces electrolytes.
    Toast w/ Jam is also a good way to speed up your metabolism to dissolve the alcohol in your system!

    One that no one really knows about it something to do BEFORE you go out… Take a Vitamin B-12. The pill balances out your alcohol, if in control, and you wake up with NO hangover! Fool proof!

  • Cathleen

    In an attempt to prevent a hangover, eat a lot of carbs to sop up the alcohol and alternate alcoholic drinks with glasses of water.
    But who really remembers to do that?

    I swear by a bowl of pho. And real pho. Meaning you must venture outside of the westside to find it. (You may need a designated driver depending on how hungover you are..) Also, one of those deliciously strong French drip coffees never hurts.

    And if that doesn’t do it, buy the biggest bottle of Pedialyte you can find at your nearest grocery store and make sure you tell the cashier you need it for your sick child at home. Then chug it as soon as you’re alone. All better. :)


  • Terin

    Two words…WAFFLE HOUSE.

    Although pho is a great suggestion :)

  • broke in the OC

    i take EXCEDRIN MIGRAINE (2 of them right when my blood-shot eyes crack open in the morning). this technique has worked for me ever since i discovered the party animal within while in costa rica last fall. if you’ve had a serious bender, try mixing in some coffee for a smidge more caffeine. any jittery-ness subsides approximately 4 hours later. you may need more caffeine.

    btw, how did you know i’ve been borrowing the neighbor’s cat??
    i’m serious.

  • adel a.

    an ice cold beer and a hot bowl of bun bo hue will do the trick.

  • ron

    Nothing beats the hangover with more beer or wine to cut the alcohol all at once

  • Selena

    A good ceviche and lots of mineral water

  • Jeff

    Security Feel better is the best hangover cure! one bottle taken before going to bed will do the job!

  • barefoot Ronald

    Nothing is better than a big bowl of mexican menudo

  • David T

    1st Choice. Menudo at La Llamarada in Lincoln Heights but if you don’t want to venture that far east (amidst the obvious haze one may be in), get a nice large soup container or pot, head to your local Vallarta, fill it to the brim with the Mexican Panacea and head to your fave outdoor destination to bask in the sun and refresh your body and mind…

    2nd Choice Pozole at Gilberts on Pico. Even the Abondigas is tasty at this place known mainly for their gingantor burritos

    3rd Choice Korean Beef Bone Soup aka Sul Rong Tang at E-Moon Oak. Bone Marrow Soup ftw!…

  • Grecia P

    A big gigantic breakfast burrito and a loaded coffee to cure hangover

  • Ivan

    The cure for the hangover is the alcohol itself! Try with more beer or wine and it will cut it right off for you

  • Zaira Angelo

    My hangover cure is really a process…
    1. Two Tylenol and 2 glasses of water before I hit the sack.
    2. Upon awakening drive my hung-over self to the local Mexian hole in the wall in the bad part of town that has AWESOME food for some really spicy chilaquiles with extra cheese and a cafe Mexicano.
    3. Go home sleep some more, and wake up around 3pm to do it all over again. ;)

    It works everytime. :)

  • David

    Hangover? What hangover? Let my date have the hangover since I will be the responsible one that has to drive her home…

  • Jenny

    My favorite hangover helper: A heaping plate of scrambled eggs, pancakes, and (most importantly) a maple bacon donut from the Nickel Diner in downtown LA.

  • matt

    Chug water the night before then wake up & enjoy bloody marys’ at brunch!

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