Hurom Slow Juicer {giveaway}

Because it’s TheDeliciousLife’s birthday month (January 3!), because it’s TasteSpotting’s birthday month (January 22!), because we’re dead in the middle of your New Year Resolutions (and by “dead in the middle,” mostly I mean “dead”)…

I’m doing DAILY GIVEAWAYS this ENTIRE WEEK to say thank you and to celebrate 11 years of blogging, 9 years of tastespotting, seven swans a-swimming, f i i i ve golden rings…Wait, sorry, we’re already past that month aren’t we. By the way, my New Year’s Resolution is to “get caught up.”

Details about “why” the giveaway and “what” other giveaways later today, but for now, let’s giveaway something to help support your New Year Resolution — because I know you made one related to this — to detox your diet, to drink less alcohol, to boost nutrition with more fresh fruits and vegetables, or to have breakfast every day:

the Hurom Slow Juicer!

I love my juicer, and would have given away the exact same one except that the Hurom Slow Juicer is BETTER because the machine is more efficient, can easily handle “tougher” vegetables like leafy greens and wheatgrass, extracts more juice, retains more nutrients, and doesn’t “kill” certain heat-sensitive vitamins. The Hurom is a masticating juicer, which means it first crushes/”chews” fruits and vegetables, then presses the pulp to extract the juice. The juicer is compact, it’s quiet, and can also make nut milks, soups, and tofu (!).

Geezus I’m giving away practically an entire kitchen.

How to Enter the Hurom Slow Juicer Giveaway

This is a blog-comment giveaway.

  1. Leave a COMMENT on this post with one of your New Year’s Resolutions.
  2. Make it obvious how I can CONTACT you (your email when you sign-in to comment is fine, no one else can see it, but I can, or facebook or twitter) so I can contact you if you are selected!
  3. SHARE this giveaway post with your friends on instagramfacebook and twitter! (not required, but hey, sharing is positive, and isn’t “Be positive!” one of your resolutions?)

The giveaway entry period starts now and ends Friday, January 15 at Midnight pacific . Everyone is welcome to comment, but I can only ship this juicer within the U.S. for no other reason than it is heavy and expensive to ship. (If you’re outside the US and win, you just need to provide me with a US mailing address to send!) Questions? Email me

Good luck! Come back later today for my favorite juice recipes and stay tuned this week for MORE GIVEAWAYS and winners!
rainbow juice in glasses
This giveaway gratefully sponsored by: TheDelicious
Top image credit: Hurom

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  • GG

    Lose 10 pounds without doing anything

  • Erin Ellis

    How fantastic! My resolution this year is to improve on making creative and kid-friendly meals for my family. So many times I make a wonderful meal for hubby and I , and my kids…well…they don’t share my excitement. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.


    ErinLoves2Run at gmail dot com

  • Erin Ellis

    I shared on Twitter:


    ErinLoves2Run at gmail dot com

    • TheDelicious

      you’re so best. thank you, erin!

  • manda

    Love to try a juicer.

  • rpenn123

    I would like this to make healthy drinks for my son. :)

    contact: rpenn123 on twitter

  • Jordyn Lackey

    This is so great! My resolution is conquer my fear and play a gig somewhere. I’ve been a musician for a while and I’m sick of letting my fear stop me from doing something that could reach people and show them a different side of life. Anyway, thanks for doing this!

    • TheDelicious

      crush the fear. you got this. play on!

  • Taylor Kohtala

    Thank you for a wonderful giveaway. I’m a student who would loves eating healthy! Would love to own this juicer. I hear it can make soups too! My resolution is to become vegetarian and create a more sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyle!

    • TheDelicious

      yes soups! and almond/soy milk! and and and… !

  • Lia Adams

    Put myself on the top of every list!

  • Wendy Ding

    My new year resoultion is to go to yoga once a week and have vegetarian once a week.

    • TheDelicious

      you can do the vegetarian! you can! so many simple, delicious recipes! so many available dining out options!

  • Jake D

    That juicer got me feelin some typa way ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). My resolution is to meditate and write down 3 things I’m grateful for every day. Stay positive and get that juice.

    • TheDelicious

      can they be the same three things every day?! :)

      • Jake D

        I don’t see why not! Supposedly writing 3 things you’re thankful for everyday for 21 days is enough to influence your thinking habits in a positive way. If you wanted to stay real you could probably spend most days thanking the universe for avocados ;)

      • Jake D

        Also you can contact me on twitter if you’d like – @jakedoering

        Cheers mate

  • Ryan | A Polished Palate

    My resolution is to try a cleanse for the first time. This juicer would be great to have to assist in that resolution!

    • TheDelicious

      a wise creature once said “there is no try, only do” DO IT!

  • Pepper

    My resolution is not to have any resolution at all. Life is too short so I’ll just live each day as it comes.

    • TheDelicious

      i can get behind that!

  • Danielle Feinstein

    My resolution is to make healthy, natural food for my husband and I on a regular basis and to see my family more often. Contact at: Thank you.

    • TheDelicious

      family first. always! (friends, too, but friends ARE family, too :) )

  • Amanda Sorenson

    One of my new years resolutions this year is to maintain a healthy, adventurous lifestyle by keeping fit in the gym, eating right and growing as a person by traveling more and being open to new opportunities. I want to learn new things around me – this juicer being one of them.


    • TheDelicious

      welcome those new opportunities with open arms

  • Mariam

    My resolution is to be happier and enjoy the little things in ife. The juicer would really help me do healthier options!

    • TheDelicious

      the little things are the best things. especially if the little things are diamonds, dogs, or cute kids!

  • Kate McCabe

    My resolution is to eat less processed foods, and more veggies! :)

    @solfulhealth on instagram

    • TheDelicious

      i know you can do it!

  • Jessica

    Resolution; drink more juice!

    • TheDelicious

      hopefully we can help with that!

  • Staci A

    My resolution is to stick with my workouts all year. I’ve been doing them daily since August and love seeing results! mommastaci33 at yahoo dot com

    • TheDelicious

      DAILY?! dang then you don’t need to make resolutions :)

  • alex robertson

    My new year’s resolution is to take more walks during the week with my son :)

    • TheDelicious

      that is such a sweet and specific resolution, i love it!

  • Aj

    1. Learn a new skill
    2. Take more risks
    3. Have more fun!

    • TheDelicious

      ooooh… what skill?

  • Elizabeth

    My resolution is that at least half of my juices and smoothies need to be green ones in 2016! @bitsabeth on twitter/insta

    • TheDelicious

      go green goddess!

      • Elizabeth


  • Elizabeth

    @bitsabeth on twitter/insta

  • Tracey

    New Year’s resolution is to consume vegetables at every single meal!

  • Anna Ray

    Resolution: do the hard thing that you’ll thank yourself for later. I’ve been pretty bad at this all my life so I’m just focusing on this one all year. This month I’m doing a whole30. Great way to start off!

    • TheDelicious

      good luck with whole30 that is awesome!

  • Ivan Kon

    This year, one of my new year resolutions – put as much as possible with the goodness of fruits and vegetables in my body by drinking it… Chewing them is too mainstream…

    • TheDelicious

      we’re gonna be so hip

  • Veronica McKillop

    Normally don’t make resolutions but I am Newly pregnant and I need to take much better care of my body. I’m absorbing nutrients not for one, but for two :) . Pregnancy has motivated more than ever to be conscious of what I put on my plate! And in my glass!

    • TheDelicious

      congratulations on your pregnancy!

  • rebecca tiger

    To stop being scared of my own power and relase The flow within.
    ( its a metaphor and it does not mean I will only juice figs)

  • Megan W.

    My new years resolution is to try at least one new recipe every week!

    • TheDelicious

      i love this resolution!

  • Jessica L.

    My goals for 2016
    1. Drink more water
    2. Eat better (cleaner) one meal at a time
    3. Aim to make 1 person smile/laugh a day
    4. Be present when with friends/family (put my phone down)

    • TheDelicious

      YES! put that phone away!

  • Melinda Bianchi

    I’ve given up alcohol as my new years resolution. I’ve only vowed to give it up for a month and drink sparingly the rest of the year but maybe it’ll stick for awhile longer. Kind of difficult since I’m a beertender. My husband and I love juice. Winning this ultimate gift would more than likely help us along with our clean eating!

    • TheDelicious

      I had the same intention at the beginning of the year/month. I cracked by the 5th! HUGE, enthusiastic high five to you for doing it!

  • Stacey Elizabeth

    Hi The Delicious Life!!

    With so much to be thankful for, and with how much love is so bountiful in my life, I think my new years resolution will be to make sure I am giving back to my community. I recently quit my job that was sucking all the enegery out of me, and was not allowing for any time or energy of mine to spent empowering those around me. So with my recent funemployment, I am committing to finding a job that will allow me to give back, not only to myself, but to my community, and to those who need support most.

    Oh, and as always, drink more water, and get more of my nutrients through liquids… (So this juicer would really, really come in handy)

    The world needs more love, more juice and more time spent connecting with each other.

    Happy New Years, and may the force be with you.


    • TheDelicious

      thank you so much for sharing, stacey. congratulations on your freedom!

  • Kylie Ann Cardali

    My resolutions are:
    1. Drink more water
    2. Eat better
    3. Returnn to the gym after avoiding it for the past month.
    4. Get rid of stuff I don’t use
    5. Move in to my own apartment
    You can reach me by email!

    • TheDelicious

      Yay for your own apartment!

  • Haydee Yanez

    My resolution is to invest and nurture my body in the most healthy and positive way. Yay for Juice!

    FB + TW + IG: @hayanarts

  • PK

    My resolution is to work on my social anxiety and travel more! Contact: @paigeee on Instagram
    Thank you!

    • TheDelicious

      giiirl, i feel you on the social anxiety! (why do you think we’re all so happy to have instagram ;D )

  • Courtney Walton

    My resolution is to drink more water and eat much cleaner! And to actually transform my resolution into a lifestyle so that I’m not making the same reso every year!

    • TheDelicious

      i think we all make the same 10 resolutions every year! but HOW we execute always (hopefully) improves!

  • Meghan R

    My resolution is to “put on my mask first” in order to better support the rest of my family. I have focused so much on trying to meet their needs that it has had the opposite effect of my intentions. A healthier year for me will mean a healthier year for all of us!

    • TheDelicious

      start with you, radiate health and happiness outward!

  • Renee Robertson

    My resolution is to be more present with my husband and kids, no letting the stressors of life take control.


  • laurynjh

    My resolution is try not to be cranky in the morning – I’m not a morning person but my kids are, hahaha. My contact is @laurynjh on Instagram

  • Kyla

    I am trying to go on more adventures this year and spend time really enjoying and appreciating the earth.

    • TheDelicious

      you’re an earth angel!

  • Lainie Clary

    My New Years resolution is to be my healthiest me and to make 2016 my most successful year. I’m following a paleo diet(mainly raw veggies & fruits), cutting out all artificial sugar, exercising everyday, and balancing everything in my life to be physically and mentally as strong as I’ve ever been. I don’t have one set resolution, but I’m doing everything in my power to keep myself on track and maintain a healthy lifestyle this year. I want to transform into my best self and if I can reach my goal of finally having abs, that’ll definitely be a plus ;) My names Lainie Clary on facebook!

    • TheDelicious

      here’s to your future abs!

  • Casey

    My New Years resolution is to simply make my days healthier. Work out more, make better choices with food and money, and spend more time in the fresh food section of the grocery store than the chip and soda aisle. Juicing is sooo convenient and I’d love to finally start trying it. Email –

    Always love your posts, and how you keep it real.

    • TheDelicious

      i feel ya on the siren call of the chips/snacks aisle at the grocery store!

  • youpaynow

    I do not make resolutions. I learned long ago that making New Years resolutions always resulted in me starting the new year as a loser! Here is to not being a loser!

  • Tamara

    My New Year’s resolution is to focus on my health. Not just losing the weight that I know I need to, but just focusing on becoming healthier, physically and mentally. Geeting more sleep, eating healthier, drinking more water, exercising to make my body feel alive, and doing what I can to keep stress at bay. Thanks for the chance to win. Contact:

    • TheDelicious

      tamara: YES on the “more water!”

  • Lucy Chung

    Happy New Year!

    2016 resolutions: sleep more (force myself to sleep by midnight), read more (at least 1 book/month), & mentor more (it shouldn’t always be about yourself, right?).

    My old juicer which was gifted to me, just broke, would love to win this!
    Email: or Msg me on FB!


    • TheDelicious

      love your resolutions! I’m trying to get more sleep, too! so hard though… right now clocking in at 3:30 AM as a bed time!

      • Lucy Chung

        2AM is my typical bed time! I’m such a do-er, I feel like there’s always something I have to do, and the next thing I know, its super late! It’s my first time here visiting your site, but I’ve been following you on Instagram for awhile IG: MissLucyGoosie. Love your posts! Wishing you the BEST year ever! :)

  • Allie Jenson

    My resolution is to break a sweat every day. If that means dancing running yoga or just plainly working hard.

    • TheDelicious

      oh, i love that resolution, not just limited to traditional “work out more” – hike! surf! run up the stairs!

  • TheDelicious

    congrats on mini-you number 2!

  • Elisa

    A lot more yoga and definitely a lot more juicing in 2016. Steps to a healthy and happy life, everyday.

  • yes way rosé
  • Iristh

    I am planning on not buying any clothes in January and February,
    Cook from all the books I got from my friends and family,
    and send more cards to friends,
    saving some money
    and try to recover from my salmon addiction haha.

    • TheDelicious

      GASP! not buying clothes for two months?!?! that’s harder than not drinking wine. :) good luck!

  • A. Allen

    Resolution: take a jewelry-making class. (The first step of turning my hobby into a business!) Secondary resolution: eat all the obscure vegetables that come from my CSA.

    • TheDelicious

      ooooh i wanna know what obscure vegetables you’re getting!

      • A. Allen

        Mostly just pounds and pounds of carrots these days, unfortunately (yay Northeast), though I have become totally accustomed to always having Japanese turnips in the fridge. We did just get some dried beans I’ve never heard of – hutterite beans?

  • Kinga

    My 2016 resolutions…run a marathon, cook more, drink more water, travel more, eat (and drink) healthier, be the best me physically and mentally (I went to my first therapy session last week,) and find my true passion career-wise (12/31/15 was my last day at my 9-5 job)! contact kinga_g on instragram

    • TheDelicious

      congratulations on finishing your old career and moving on to a new passion!

  • Delicate Flowah

    I normally don’t do resolutions but this year I did one big one. I’ve resolved to cook nearly everything from scratch for health reasons. I’d love to have a juicer.
    Contact: Delicateflowah on Instagram or Twitter. Also, your photos are gorgeous!

    • TheDelicious

      it will take some time and practice, but you’ve got your whole life to get into the rhythm of cooking from scratch! yay!

  • Hannah

    Getting back in shape and starting to eat healthier – cutting out excess salt and refined sugars.

  • Amanda Hornick

    My New Year’s Resolution is to eat more green things, and to find more creative ways to eat green things so I don’t get bored & give up on eating green things :) You can contact me on Twitter- ajhornick :) Awesome giveaway, and happy New Year!

    • TheDelicious

      go green goddess!

  • Emerald Miller

    My New Years resolution is to write more thank you cards. I always have reasons to write them to family and friends and dropped the ball last year. This year will be different people will be properly thanked ;) email my gmail or I follow you on Instagram EmeraldMiller

    • TheDelicious

      thank you for following emerald! if i could, i’d send you a card! ;)

  • kelly

    My resolution is to get outside and go on lots of nature walks.

  • Alyssa Averhoff

    My roommate and I are college athletes and our New Years resolution is to learn how to cook healthy foods. We are trading the Mac and cheese for quinoa and veggies!

  • Kaela Mackey

    More open minded and love myself more, including working out and eating right (:

  • sincerelysimply

    More fruits and vegetables this year! This will make it a cinch (I hope).

  • LH

    To treat my body better, nurture it with good food, and prove that the fate of my family members does not also have to be my fate.

  • Ren Y

    One of my resolutions is to be more consistent with my eating and working out! Last year I was really good about eating whole foods and going to the gym for like 2 weeks… and then stopping for 2 weeks. I didn’t really make much progress :(

    • TheDelicious

      you have a whole lifetime to make progress!

  • Meredith

    One of my resolutions is to be more involved in local events. I am moving to DC, so I want to take advantage of all of the amazing events, museums, and fairs that take place in our capital!

    Twitter: mhoog

    • TheDelicious

      congratulations on your move!

  • Jennifer

    I am going to be more kind to others, exclude negativity from my life, and train myself physically and mentally to hike Machu Picchu :)

  • Michael

    I’m turning 50 this year. So I’m going to focus on making life-wide improvements all year. My contact is

  • Nik Ki

    My new years resolution is to be be a more thrifty shopper this year. I would like to save at least $200 a month by using coupons and being a thrifty shopper! :)

  • Sarah Plagens

    My New Year’s resolution is to stay focused on studies. I quit my job last year to go back to school for engineering! I’ve been wanting a juicer, too, so I can add more nutrients and anti-inflammatory supplements to my diet!

  • Sherry Smith

    As a new mom to one and soon to be two, my new year resolution is to take time to take care of me. This is as small as excusing myself to take a longer shower to going to the gym, mom needs to reenergize to tackle the million things on her list. :)

    Contact: Sherry smith

  • Ann Nguyen

    As a behavior therapist, I promised myself I would find ways to relax in small ways. One of my favorite New Year’s resolution is to spend more time eating breakfast. I wake up 10 minutes earlier in the morning to make myself coffee and cereal. I’m usually awake before the rest of the family. It helps me relax before a stressful session with my clients. I still continue this routine after 2 years :).

  • Svetlana Sh

    I dream about this juicer from last year) my new year resolution is to leave all my extra weight -55 kg-in 2016. So such little miracle could help me a lot! Svetlana Sh.

  • angela lazo

    I would like to get fit and lead a healthy lifestyle

  • sheng wang

    thanks for the opportunity! this year, I’m trying to experiment with vegetarianism aka “food sobriety” and lower my blood pressure naturally.

    • TheDelicious

      wholeheartedly support you and natural approached to health and wellness!

  • Chinye

    My main resolution this year is to show up for the people I care about! It’s so easy to send cards, gifts, money, but I’m finding some of the best experiences are when I’m just “there”.

  • shsc82

    My main resolution is to overall improve my health. Losing weight and exercising, I am down from 260 to 170 (over years!, slow process) and goal is 130 and no more need for blood pressure meds. (littlesillysally at gmail dot com)

    • TheDelicious

      so inspiring! and HAPPY to hear that it is over the long haul! always better to do it that way!

      • shsc82

        Thanks, I figure it took 7 years to gain that much, so it having been nearly 4 years to get to this point isn’t so bad, and it’s much easier to gain than lose. Making lifestyle and diet changes has to be a gradual process. Though a lot of my weight gain had to do with various medications also.

  • Simpsonmade

    My main resolution this year is to sleep more! Sleep more, yell less, travel more, give more, and judge less. I’m juicing more too so I would really love this!

  • BB

    To be less mean to myself :)

    • TheDelicious

      isn’t it so funny that so many of us go so far out of ways to be kind and thoughtful to others, but are so mean to ourselves! good resolution!

  • shaunie

    I would have to say running more this year .

    • TheDelicious

      just. do. it. ;)

  • shaunie
  • Anuujin E

    New Years resolution is try new recipes and be more daring when I’m cooking!

  • Alice Schreiber

    To live healthier. Both mentally and physically. Eat right, but lots of positive thinking and less beating myself up all the time.

    • Alice Schreiber

      (Oh, contact is email)

  • Mahgol Izadi

    I’m usually an angry commuter in the morning as I walk among people, get on separate
    Busy buses and make my way to work when it is still dark!
    This years resolution: be nicer to people in public transportation!!

  • Sally Hawkins

    More joy! Less stress!

  • rts

    to become mostly vegetarian!

  • Andrew Maier

    To finally start a blog that I’ve been postponing for a decade.

  • Jen Prindiville

    No more late night dessert. Well, maybe just on the weekends.

  • cezovski

    One of my New Year’s resolutions is to drink more water and less soda. Also, less sugar and carbs.
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  • Erin Ellis

    Tweet, tweet:


    ErinLoves2Run at gmail dot com

  • Willow | Will Cook For Friends

    Oooh, this has me so wanting to juice again! I used to juice all the time, but I haven’t had a juicer in ages and keep telling myself I need to just bite the bullet and get one. I have several big new year’s resolutions, but top of the list is trying to stay better hydrated (I am terrible at remembering to drink during the day), so a juicer would help with that big time!

  • Leticia

    My New Years resolutions is to be in nester shape and healthier than this last year.

  • erica

    this year, my hope is to practice mindfulness every day, to write more, and to be kinder– to myself, to the ones i love most, and to the ones i find it hard to love. :)

  • vanessa

    new years resolution – drink mo’ juice.

  • Kim K.

    Hello! My New Years resolution essentially boils down to being the best possible version of myself. Saying thank you and being genuine about it, offering my help a little more especially when I don’t want to, applying myself in my schoolwork and at work, letting the small things go in life and choosing the best possible option when it comes to my diet, wardrobe, purchases. You can contact me on IG: @k_mb_rly_

  • Ari.bloo

    Trying to avoid fast food I never realized how bad I’ve been to my body I stopped drinking soda since last year and coming from a girl who didn’t like water it’s now become my to go drink and I’ll have juice here and there but my resolution is to maintain and eat better. Incase I win my instagram and twitter are @aribloo

  • sharpen

    This year, I vow to stay hydrated!

  • StarrieEyedAzn

    Thanks for this giveaway.
    I don’t make resolutions but one of the goals I’ve been working on is to simplify my life. I’m at the point where too much stuff is just too much. When I move I don’t want to have to pack a million boxes.

    Twitter: Sushi_Flower

  • Erin Ellis

    Tweet, Tweet :

    Have an awesome day today!


    ErinLoves2Run at gmail dot com

  • Deana Johns-White

    I never make New Years Resolutions but instead everyday my goal is to be better today than I was yesterday. This helps me more than making a resolution 1 day a year because it is continuous and my mind and emotions don’t fight me as much and I am taking 1 day at a time. I’m 34 years old and I’m married with two kids ages 11 and 13. I want to be healthy role model for my family and get them involved in a healthier life style so they can live long and enjoy their lives. I am having back surgery soon and I know juicing will help with the recovery process. I went to goodwill and found a juicer for $5.89. I cleaned and sanitized it as well as I could. Even though it’s an old juicer, I LOVE JUICING! My reason for wanting a new one is so that I can get the most juice out of my veggies. I thank you guys for providing all of us with the chance to win this juicer! Great health to you all and have a wonderful 2016!

  • shu lin

    I have tried most of your Juice recipes but with a blender instead because a good juicer is somewhat pricey. It’s has a thicker consistency but it’s still delicious! My new year resolution is probably to relax a little instead of worrying about what’s going on the next day or week. Live in the moment what my friends always tell me!

    my email address is

  • KrystalR

    I am adding more superfoods to my diet this year.
    Shared the post on Twitter.
    And Happy Birthday to your beautiful blog!

  • Calli

    My resolution is to complete a 200 rys yoga teacher training program!

  • Kelsi Mills

    My 2016 goal is to bike to work once a week!

  • Tyneisha

    This is a beautiful juicer! One of my resolutions is to be more patient with life…things will happen; I need to go with the flow. My Twitter is @luvmyhubz in case you don’t see my email. Thank you!!

  • natalie fidanza

    My New Years resolution is to do more things that make me happy! I always say “I’m too busy” to do the things I love, so I am promising myself to make time. I’ve always wanted to take a gourmet cooking class!
    NFidanza on Instagram

    :) love your page

  • Elizabeth Beirne

    Be better.

  • Erin Ellis

    Happy Friday! Have a fabulous day today!


  • janet

    no resolutions but a direction: Choose ritual!

  • Kelsey

    to improve my yoga practice (more flexibility, stronger core).

  • Chickie Brewer

    One of my resolutions is to add more fruit and veggies and fruit in my diet.. I have gained at least twenty pounds because of poor snacking!

  • Ashley M.

    So excited for this! I have been wanting a juicer for FOREVER. My resolutions for this year were to eat healthier, drink more water, and exercise more. I’m 27 and not where I should be for my age. Thank you for the opportunity!

  • Julie French

    Increase exercise and meal prep more!!

  • Hayley hadfield

    One of my new years resolutions is to keep up with my health and to stay on top of being healthy. And having a juicer would help me so much with my resolutions!

  • sana kamdar

    I would like to become a good cook (or actually learn how to cook), become more of a positive person and have more self-confidence

  • jinyookim

    My new year’s resolution is to commit to health for this entire year. I never gave myself a full year to focus on health so it’s going to be a huge challenge. A huron would help jumpstart my day! It’s hard to find low carb juices if I don’t make them myself.

  • Joanna

    Get in more nutrients in the morning! I think nutrient density is super important to health and a girl can only chew so much kale, ya know? So more nutrients, natural wellness (less medicine) and yoga once a week?! Thanks for doing this giveaway sarah :)

  • Martine Nash

    Ohh swoon, this juicer is a beaut!! It would pair so well with that unlimited hot yoga membership I got for Christmas ;)

  • Sarah Stapelmann

    Patience is my New Year’s resolution. Life is full of uncertainties and I find myself looking to the future instead of living in the now. I find that patience is something I need to practice everyday, along with gratefulness.

    IG and Twitter Contact: 26_dragonfly

  • Vanessa

    Woah this looks intimidating but my resolution is to do more things that scare me :)

  • Grace

    My New Years resolution is to complete my Whole30 and do a true reintroduction to see what my body doesn’t handle so well. Also to keep up with a better life after whole30 and not totally fall off the wagon a few months from now….


    I would like to have one of these lovely mixers to make nutrional drinks to tighten up my hipline! @therealcheftuna:disqus

  • David Neudorfer

    More yoga. Lots more yoga.

  • Ireland Durante

    Thanks for this oppournity. My new year resolution is to eat 3 colors from the rainbow group of fruits and vegetables. For example, picking Orange from the Orange group, raspberries from the red group and grapes from the purple group, kiwi from the green group, so on forth. So I can reap health benefits from each group.

  • Ivonne

    Hi! Thaks for giving everyone an opportunity of winning the Hurom! This year I will open my own fitness studio in Panama city, that will include several classes like barre, toning, boxing etc.. As my resolution I would like to make people change their eating habits and encourage them to be a part of the healthy and fit lifestyle. The Hurom would benefit everyone in the studio!

    Contact: / email

  • Connie Choi

    My new year resolution is to travel more! You can xontact me via email~

  • Felipe atton

    Drink healthy juices it is!

  • Karen

    To treat my body well and To welcome new possibilities :)

  • Le_nataliee

    My new years resolution is to eat clean and improve the health of my family. I am loving antioxidants and would love to juice more! Please contact via email!

  • chelsea

    My New Year’s resolution was always to lose weight, but this year it was to be healthy.A week before Christmas I had a health scare and I had to get surgery. I recently got a juicer for Christmas and drinking amd making an arrary of veggie and fruit concoctions has made me feel revitalized and energized. I know I have a juicer, but I’d love to give my dad a juicer, because his lifestyle demands it. He never and still doesn’t eat healthy, he’s had cancer numerous times, and told me at Thanksgiving ot was coming back. I would love to share with him the miracle of juices filled with vitamins, antioxidants and enzymes that nuture and renew cells. I would love for him to have his own since I don’t live near him. Thank you and Happy New Year.

  • Mallory

    So lovely of you! This year, my mantra is “take action.” I’m really good at dreaming big and making plans, but this year I will put my plans into ACTION and see my dreams through!

  • Grace Greene

    One of my resolutions is to eat more vegetables! This would help me eat (drink) more veggies. I’d love to win! Email is

  • umran cephanecioglu

    I am having our first baby next month and would love to have juicer to br heartier while I am nursing. My goal this year is to feed myself better, healthier food do I can feed my baby the most nutritious milk.

  • Jennie Chen

    Woo!! I have always wanted a juicer :) thanks for doing this! One resolution is to be stronger, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually! Easy right ?

  • Lauren

    I’m going to be finishing up my final year in college, so my New Year’s resolution is to take more pictures and update my blog more often!

  • Melanie Atkinson

    My resolution is to get out of my comfort zone!!

  • The Black John Wayne

    Wow.. ok.. I suppose my new years resolution, is to be a be a better son to my mother. For 30 years she’s raised me. Been the backbone of my life, a first thought before i make many life decisions yet i need to improve what matters most. My actions. I guess.

  • Liliana C. Hernandez

    My New Years resolution is to cut any cancer-causing toxins that I put in my body (wine is my kriptonite, though). Last year, my mother battled cancer for several months and is now in remission. She has been juicing for a year and is now recovering to full strength. I have had two cancer scares in the last 5 years and am striving to fight cancerous cells from forming and avoid having to get chemo. This year, I am exercising and practicing under stressing. I buy juices (but they are pricy on a teacher’s budget) so this juicer would definitely help me maintain this balanced, green, detoxifying diet. LOVE YOUR POSTS!

  • Chelsea Fletcher

    Resolution number one is to be the best me, to push myself to always step up to every opportunity given to me. Working my butt off whether its in the gym or work. And finding that balance of a healthy proactive year!

  • Patrick Williams

    One of my new years resolutions is to be nicer to my body in what I eat and how I live my life. Email is

  • Nha

    I’d like to be more active and healthier this year.

  • Andrea Osorio

    Step by step I’ve been recovering from a huge eating disorder, big stress areas from the past, and besides I’m passionate about healthy eating (your food recipes inspire me), one of my top 3 resolutions this year is to be more conscious about my nutritional eating because I need it to concentrate at university and of course having a better skin, a have tons of friends who always asked about why I eat because part of my “signature” now on is to eat healthy and speciality always add to my foods a delicious juice, so I hope to win this!!

    Greetings from Guatemala

  • Carolyn Nobles

    Thanks for the great giveaway!! I just watched “Food, Inc”, “Forks Over Knives”, and “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead” yesterday. I was researching juicers this morning, then ran across this giveaway while browsing my Instagram feed. Crossing my fingers!

  • Sarah

    Trying to schedule in healthier meals during the week and scheduling in time for walks! I have crazy long work hours so trying to use my schedule as a means for some healthy choices!

  • Karen

    My new resolution is to live more… play more.. go out more…smile more…spend more…also lose some wight to be exact 20kg …i love how my body look like however i need to lose for health reason…. ah….. the important one…. is ro plan my future

  • Mac D

    Wonderful giveaway! I have always wanted a juicer but have been unable to afford one. I’m trying to steer away from setting resolutions to avoid the inevitable failure to follow (I’m looking at you, knitting starter kit from 2009), but some of the goals that I am setting for 2016 include taking more time for myself, incorporating more yoga / stretching into my workout routine, and eating more fruit. email is

  • BAD

    I have to find time (and focus) to make myself a priority, as the matriarch of a family of five. I tend to be last and it has affected areas of my health. Many thanks for such a generous week.

  • Charlotte Kirk

    My New Years resolution is to make exercising (running) a priority in my schedule!

  • Camila Covarrubias

    I just learned about this giveaway today, even though I’ve been following @thedelicious FOREVER and a day now and I am BEYOND excited about it! My roommate and I have been wanting a juicer for a while now, but as college students working waitressing jobs it’s hard to invest so much money in one product; so instead we go to a local juice place when we want to get our squeeze on, but even that gets expensive at $7+ per juice. Anyhow, my 2016 resolution is to take care of not only my physical health, but my emotional as well! I believe that if you take good care of yourself you can then help take care of others, and taking care of others and making other people feel happy and feel good about themselves is what brings true joy to one’s life. So even if I don’t win this giveaway (but I really hope I do because powerball let me down this week) I hope at least someone reads this and maybe makes it their resolution to help others be happy and healthy too! But you have to start by taking care of you first :)

  • Henriette Abeltun

    One of my resolutions is to taket time to Stay in touch with family and friends, as I live far away from most.. And staying positive and healthy! (also not to freeze to death in the Norwegian winter ;)

  • Mariah Jans

    My New years resolution is to accept and Let go. I as for a lot of other souls out there tend to make my life harder than necessary. I Am trying to be more kind to myself and not to hyperfocus on the small or get overwhelmed by the endlessness of things wich is difficult with my(autistic) brain.

  • Stephanie Escajeda

    My New Year’s resolution is to add more rainbow foods into my life!

  • Yan Tan

    Thank you for the opportunity! My New Years resolution is to drink more water

  • 121Cambridge

    New Years Resolution: Eat healthy and workout more not to look better, but to feel better

  • Marley Berger

    My New Years resolution is to heal my body from the inside out with a healthy dose of fresh food and an even bigger dose of positivity!

  • Kate

    My resolution is to be selfless. I am happier when I give to others. It’s a beautiful thing that always bares remembering. I leave in a week to care for my elderly grandmother. Getting in touch with my roots will be heartwarming. Happy New Year to you deliciouslife and good luck to all with their resolutions.

  • McKenna

    My resolution is to become more at one with my body and learn to love it for what it does everyday rather than hate it for how it looks! you can contact me at

  • lesley

    A snippet of what I wrote on New Year’s Day, as a reminder to myself to make me (inside and out), my surroundings and the world better, one little bit/sip/bite at a time: I just want more in 2016. More hiking, walking, moving. More fresh air. More love, more laughter. More understanding. More dancing–the more impromptu the better. More patience, for and from me and others. More tolerance everywhere. More focus. More travel. Adventure! Health!! All the good stuff, please!!!

  • Liliana C. Hernandez

    Fighting cancer cells with natural, unprocessed goodness!

  • Amy Brudnicki

    My 2016 resolution is to incrementally incorporate more natural and organic means into my lifestyle decisions in an effort to address my chronic health issues. I am hoping throughout the year to scale up to exclusively using natural and organic means of healing and wellbeing. I am working under the premise that what we put in our bodies is what we get out! Thanks!

    contact information: ames0108 (twitter)

  • Norman Perez

    I would like to eat and drink more greens this year…I’m tired of being tired, I just want to feel good

  • Sheena Scott

    I am actually trying to be more selfish (sounds odd I know). I have noticed that I put everyone else before my own needs which can be depleting. Here’s to a new year of self love! (And hopefully lots of juicing). @sheenaescott on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

  • THE Frugal Foodie

    I am adding veggie juices to my weekly diet of mostly grains & vegetables. @Ms_Terree(Twitter)

  • Amy

    This is amazing! One of my NY resolutions is to be more mindful and moderate in my lifestyle and what I eat everyday, every meal. This would be such a great kitchen equipment to have!

  • Kaila Parker

    Just all the juice!! One of my New Years resolutions is to complete a triathlon in a reasonable amount of time. I’m constantly competing with myself (and really no one else) and this will be a great obstacle for me to overcome. I think it’ll also help motivate me to sustain my healthy lifestyle

    Contact: @kailaparkie on Instagram and Twitter

  • Dana Sterpe

    I am just trying to be healthier overall this year.

  • Wendy Cheng

    My resolution is to learn a new language!

    Preferred Contact: email

  • Nichole Adriane

    My resolution for 2016 is to save more money and stick to a budget! My email is

  • Jen Davis

    Thanks for such an awesome giveaway and HAPPY BIRTHDAY…This year I decided to continue with last year’s resolution, since I did so well with it throughout 2015, and that is cut back on my wine consumption :( and werk on ma fitness. My husband also wants to expand Meatless Mondays into Meatless Other Days of the Week and both are working out fabulously.

  • Dallas Dudzic

    Thanks for the giveaway!! I resolve to commit wholeheartedly to clean eating. I love smoothies, but the possibility of juicing and retaining all the nutrients is so much better!

  • Maddy Price

    My new years resolution is to cut out processed foods! Being vegan, it hasn’t been super easy since we don’t always have time to prep and homecook every meal and snack. Juices can certainly change anyone’s fruit/vegetable game. But hey, everything is a work in process. ;)

    Bunnythinks2@Gmail. Com

  • Oanh H.

    I have a lot of resolutions this year and trying to keep small ones which should add up to the big ones overall. My resolution is cutting out late night snacking. My twitter handle is @julybug17

  • Niki Hunt

    Yes! Be positive! Bake and develop more delcious recipes. Be able to prepare more healthy meals that also taste amazing. And of course…exercise more! But most importantly, being more kind, radiating love to every person I come in contact with, and getting over my social awkwardness & giving more smiles to strangers!

    Niki Hunt

  • Melanie Benz

    To taste the rainbow…with juices! You’re a rockstar. Thank you for your generosity!

  • Shannon Rhodes

    Thanks for the chance to win this! One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to continue to eat organic, anti-inflammatory whole foods. Winning this fantastic juicer would definitely help me accomplish that goal!

  • Trish

    Be more present ✨

  • Sarah Maloy

    Thanks for doing this!
    My New Years resolution is to trust myself more. I’ve been controlling myself so carefully to avoid panic attacks so long that I’ve started feeling closed up and a bit joyless about everything. No more of that, hopefully, gradually haha

  • Annie Tran

    This year, my boyfriend and I have decided to try all 100 of Tess Masters’ smoothies in her smoothie book/app! We loved the first one we made so much that we kept making it so have only tried about 7… But I’m sure there’s so much more deliciousness down the road!

  • Diana Li

    Love love your page! Its been such a battle to eat healthy over the holidays! Just wanting to start off the year right and eat whole non-processed foods and make healthier choices in the New Year!

  • Carrie

    My resolution is to “live like you are dying” enjoy everyday, don’t sweat the small stuff, live love and laugh! And of course that all includes healthy, clean amazing food too!

  • Lyndsay T

    My resolutions are to do more creative projects and to read more books.

  • Caitlin Prior

    I plan of spending less time wasting time this year. I have so much I want to do either sewing, cooking, or training for a half marathon that I need to stop just browsing the Internet on things that aren’t going to help my life get better. :) email is good! I love your instragm btw!

  • cray slays

    I just want to live my life to the fullest and to stop letting the fear of failing stop me from doing what I have always wanted to

  • Amber

    Thank you for this opportunity! For my New Year resolutions, I decided to go vegan (for the animals and my health), take up yoga, and to be more patient and kind. So far I think I’m doing well. :) (p.s. contacting through my email is fine)

  • Stephanie

    I am resolving to be kind to myself, and take care of my health, both mentally and physically.

  • Ani Franz

    This is incredible! You are so generous! New year’s resolution is to cook and write something every day.

  • Candace

    Wow! Thank you for this giveaway!
    My resolution is to start making my own juice instead of buying cold pressed juices!


  • Susanna Vela-Muñoz

    Mine is to juice more!!

  • Christina Choi

    Besides the usual eat healthy, exercise more, etc, I really want to bake more because it makes me happy, everyone who eats what I make happy, and most importantly my oven misses all the delicious treats that it used to produce. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Heather Silvernail

    This year I am going to not let fear or the opinions of others allow me to make excuses for not going for my dreams. You can reach me by email or Facebook. Thanks for all you share!

  • Kaocha Xiong

    To be healthy and positive! Contact:

  • David Takeda

    To be more accessible to me than typically to others. To focus upon more entrepreneurial endeavors and to travel the world more than I have been as of late.

  • Ali Celestino

    Drink more water and stay hydrated new years resolution!

  • kimberly johnson

    Long story made short over the last 10 years I have lost a sister at the age of 40, a brother at the age of 30 and a nephew at the age of 22. They all were diagnosed with heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and bad cholesterol. All of these diseases were largely due to unhealthy eating, unhealthy living mixed with a combination of predisposition due to maternal and paternal genetics. With a strong southern upbringing, we were taught that healthy eating consisted of eating home cooked soulfood everyday for breakfast, lunch and dinner (everyday was like Thanksgiving dinner, especially on Sundays). After all of the losses I suffered, it really opened my eyes and heart that I could be next. After all at the time I was 301lbs with all of the diseases listed above except heart disease BUT not very far away from having. I underwent gastric bypass surgery and lost 103lbs. Here I am now 3 years, 3 kids later and 48lbs heavier since the birth of my last 2 children. Since the 48lb. weight gain the diabetes and hypertension is trying to rear their ugly heads again. This truly terrify me to my core, after all I don’t want to die prematurely when I have children to be here for. So my resolution is to get back on track and live a long healthy life for my kids. I have already started to transition into the vegan life style and introduce the vegan diet to my children. I have always wanted to start juicing but could not afford a good quality juicer. If I were to win, this would be considered not only a tremendous blessing but also a lifesaver to me and my children.

  • Diane

    To get my five or more servings of fruits and vegetables a day. TY for the chance! =)

  • Erica Ghotra

    New Years and life resolution: to be kinder to myself and not be afraid to go after what I deserve!

  • Julia

    Resolution: eat vegan for a healthier planet!

  • Emily

    Eat healthier and stop my unconscious snacking!

  • Jo Holmes

    To make conscious healthier choices and experiment and try new foods and tastes whilst remaining as sugar free as I can adding more veges to my diet. Would love to win this, thanks.

  • Allyson Bakke

    This is such a cool giveaway! Thank you!
    This year I’m focusing on being happier with me and who I am. I’m also working on adding meditation in daily and resuming my daily juice habit. My 2 year old is in love with green juice. I need to make it more.

  • Darcie

    This year I am trying to practice patience with healing. I have endured a bunch of injuries and illness in the past three years, and I’ve finally conquered them, but I need patience to “get back”. I want to gain strength and mobility back.

  • Alison @ Food by Mars

    Big congrats!!! That’s huge and Happy Birthday :) Thanks for this lovely giveaway!!!! My email address to enter is:

  • Nikki Loren

    Hi there! My new years reso is to reduce my sodium intake. No more adding salt to my vegan dishes!

  • Starla

    Goodness, all of those look delicious. I have been wanting a juicer for quite some time! Also, big congrats to you and Happy Birthday, or belated! :) One of mine include to become more confident in myself. With that being said, losing a bit of weight is included! ;) xo

  • Erin Ellis

    YAAAAAAAY!! Thank you so much Sarah!

  • Nilima Khan

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