I’ll Take an Alka Seltzer on the Rocks – Dine & Dish Coming Soon

dine and dish number 6
Yep, we’ve all gone out and done our fare share of some amazing grazing around town, and posts and pictures are up all over the blogosphere, but apparently, your hostess is in a food coma and still slightly hungover from too much ume shu.

The delicious dishing session will be up shortly, as soon as the caffeine and Alka Seltzer kick in. :)

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  • sarah

    hi anonymous! thanks :) as far as the shower favors (spa themed), we made them ourselves with things we picked up here and there. email me at deliciouslife[at]gmail[dot]com and i can give you more details :)

  • jason

    Hungover from ume shu on a weekday… (did you go to shin?)… you lucky little monkey…

    Can we switch lives? Seriously?

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