it sounds delicious

see. smell. taste. touch.

Food is always, of course, first for the tongue – the way it tastes is above everything else. but i am also a firm believer that food should fuel an orgy for all five senses. two senses, taste and smell of course, are inextricably linked. the texture of food (touch, three) should be warm, hot, cold, soft, smooth, flaky, crisp, chewy, crunchy, hard. it should feel good in the mouth, on the way down, and make you feel good after eating. what it looks like (sight, four) is important, too. certainly there are things that taste better than they look, but i am never one to dismiss foods that are beautiful. sometimes, yes, i do eat with my eyes – look at all that food porn that’s a feast for the eyes ! but what about that fifth sense. how does food sound?

sound is one where i wonder. sounds are very hard to describe, and i realize now that there aren’t many food sounds. the twinkling ting ting of a tiny silver spoon stirring honey in my teacup is pretty. i love the crrrrisp sound a croissant makes when i bite into it. i like the sounds of food being prepared, the first crunchy bite of something, the *sigh* and *mmm* that it invokes. but most of the time, i actually don’t want to hear someone else eating food. if i can hear someone chewing and chomping, eating and talking with their mouth open, snorting and grunting…you get the picture. *ew*

so for how food sounds, i’d rather think of music. both food and music are sensual, emotional, and the ones i love are the ones that are associated with the memory of a feeling. the soundtrack that makes a meal complete, the singer that makes me *mmm* with mac and cheese, the perfect song that makes me think of…eating. like food and wine, pairing food and music can be an art. or a science. or just my random silly favorites this afternoon.

ascension :: someone – uber fairy trance, and of course, angel food cupcake with whipped cream frosting and coconut flakes sends me into orbit.

havana :: ethnic prayer – i guess it would be appropriate to have something ethnic like indian or thai, but this one just screams south beach to me. in fact, it’s the entire three cds in sasha and digweed’s renaissance, the mix collection. for south beach, and for the king who introduced me to it, i’ll take a mojito!

groove armada :: superstylin’ – this is so much a summer afternoon, out on the deck, grilling. a cheeseburger and nothing else. except maybe…another mojito! (it appears that music makes me very very thirsty.)

gipsy kings :: bamboleo – it’s latin, though i’m not sure which country. nachos are close enough. happy happy happy the gipsy kings make me dance, and nachos would make me stop for only a second to take a bite.

the girl from ipanema – i don’t know who the original artist is, but this song always make me…stop. listen. *sigh* i am the girl from ipanema. i think this is latin as well, but it’s so sexy, and the sexiest food in the world to me right now is sushi. raw, soft, supple, smooth. sex-ay.

satoshi tomiie :: love in traffic – something about sexy food and sexy music. winter (in l.a.), naked in front of the fireplace, chocolate souffle. yummy. and the souffle tastes good, too.


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