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“Why Jalapeno Margaritas?” you ask?

No, it isn’t about the heat — that we just had the hottest day on record ever in LA (113 degrees on Monday!)

It’s that…

Jonathan Gold Cocktail Party Winner Number 1 It’s that the Jalapeno Margarita at Loteria Grill is Mike’s favorite cocktail and his comment #23 was chosen to receive a pair of tickets to Jonathan Gold’s 2nd Annual Speakeasy Cocktail Party next Saturday!

Thank you all, who participated and congratulations on your great luck, Mike!

Now, not to worry if you’re not Mike.

The very generous Zocalo Public Square has given me another pair tickets to give away! Stay tuned…

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1 Mike September 30, 2010 at 12:08 am

Hey, that’s me! Thanks Sarah!


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