jess is engaged! – bracing for the bridal barrage

After 6 years, my sister and her (now) fiance are engaged! It’s quite an accomplishment on his part, given the Commander-in-Chief he had to face before popping the question. Smiles and congratulatory shrieks and tears of joy and…grit.teeth.and.keep.smiling.fakeit.dammit.

Kidding, kidding of course! I am genuinely, sincerely, absolutely elated that jimmy and jess are engaged – there is nothing else i’d want for them. however, i do have a reputation to uphold! there is a long-running somewhat-joke amongst my friends that i am anti-wedding, anti-marriage. it started in college when i had my head down, studying for four years, never giving any guy a second look, let alone a first look. then i graduated and became “uber-success-bound-career-who-needs-a-man?” girl. needless to say, that reputation has somewhat stuck with me, so i let it ride, and in fact, sometimes feed the fire just for fun. “thank god i’m not married” and “oh, i forgot you’re married. i’m so sorry.”

The thing is, I have a love/hate relationship with…weddings. perhaps hate is too strong of a word; it’s more like a love/apathetic relationship. when i was little, i never dreamed about being a princess in a fairy tale wedding, i didn’t keep clippings of flowers or dresses or hairstyles. i just never think about my own wedding, and ok, i am thinking about it for only this second, if i do eventually end up getting married, i’d fly away with my family to vancouver in the wintertime, have a little ceremony in the lodge in my furry white boots, then go skiing in whistler for a week. i just can’t get into all that curly girly wedding stuff.

For myself, that is. odd as it is, i like doing it for others. i’ve been a bridesmaid (too) many times already; i loved doing it for jenn, and can’t wait to do it for jess. i’ll be spending every weekend for the next 6 months chauffeuring from venue to possible venue, providing thoughtful input on sage versus celadon for the “color theme” (alright, wtf is the difference anyway?), and critiquing every white dress that comes down the bridal salon runway. slip dress or ball gown? short veil or long veil? which hairstyle? what color bridesmaids’ dresses? what kind of flowers? in style weddings. martha stewart living – the wedding issue. bride’s magazine. modern bride. elegant bride. southern bride. sure, it’ll be quite the wedding overload, but it doesn’t last forever. i hope they get married by the end of the summer – as much as i love it all, i couldn’t take it for longer than six months. seven tops.

So what does any of this have to do with food? everything! i can’t get into the dress/hair/makeup stuff as much as the other girls, but none of them will be more excited than me about what else? the food.
there will be the engagement party – and that’s to come soon! i suspect it’ll be at a chinese or korean restaurant- something that will accommodate a large group, and of course the culinary preferences of our immigrant parents. afternoon gatherings whilst we peruse those horrible bridal magazines and plan plan plan – wine and cheese! perfect with the, well, whine “but persimmon pink will make me look fat!” and cheese “oh! this dj will play air supply!” the bridal shower. tasting wedding cake. examining the caterers’ menus. the rehearsal dinner. the reception. okay, i’m not excited about the reception – “chipper chicken!”

I suspect there will be many a paragraph devoted to wedding food. dunh dunh dududnh…here comes the bread (oops, i mean bride!)!

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