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jin patisserie
1202 abbot kinney blvd.
venice, ca 90291

four rows of four diminutive decorated chocolate cubes. while most times i grab a piece of candy and shove it down my throat, barely giving my tongue enough time to register that it’s something sweet, this time my hand lingered over the box. i picked the white one, and took a moment. why did i pause to examine what i usually just mindlessly pop into my mouth? maybe it was the subtle packaging; just a black unmarked paper box with nothing to distract from the treasures inside. maybe it was the fact that i picked the white one. maybe it was the tiny design on top, that looked like it had been hand-painted by tinkerbell. maybe it was 4 o’clock in the afternoon and i needed a nap. maybe i just knew it was going to be good.

i mmm-ed. it was confection perfection like i haven’t tasted in a very long time, and there’s been a lot, with the holidays only a couple of months past, and more recently, valentine’s day. it ‘s called “lemongrass” and it’s a silky, subtly citrus–flavored crème inside. the thin white chocolate coat is almost weightless, but i knew it was there. there’s no crunch of the outer layer. there’s no chew. no teeth, as it all so perfectly melts together. it was so good, and i can’t believe i had the discipline to make it last for three luxurious little bites.

There’s more where that came from and not just chocolate. jin patisserie is a pastry boutique where you can “ooh” and “aah” over all the exquisite edible gems that come from the kitchen. jin can make dazzling gourmet gifts and cater a bridal shower. you can have virginia ham and feta cheese quiche and salad for lunch there. and you can take afternoon tea and scones in the garden.

The tea is important at jin. not only is there an entire menu dedicated to specially selected teas to drink, but tea also serves as a main flavoring in many of the cakes and chocolates. green tea is a green tea sponge cake and mousse. the is a crème brulee infused with tea and lotus jelly. There’s a chocolate called earl grey, and the one named des concubine is green and black teas, caramel, papaya, and flower petals.

if i were getting married, i’d order my wedding cake from jin patisserie, and buy the fleur de sel caramels to give out as favors. or maybe i’d keep them as a wedding gift for myself.

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