{obsessed with} Joan’s on Third Pickles

Pickles, Joan's on Third

Supposedly, I am allergic to cucumbers, which makes it a curious thing that I’m not-so-secretly obsessing over the pickles at Joan’s on Third, which I haven’t touched in almost a year because of please-see-first-six-words-of-this-run-on-sentence.

And from the sound of how some food allergies could oh, possibly, say, develop from extraordinary over-consumption of said food, my cucumber allergy could have everything to do with oh, possibly, say, eating an entire container of Joan’s on Third pickles.

In one sitting.

On more than one occasion.

In a row.

So basically, I did this to myself. Yay.

On a totally related, but not necessarily flowing, note, are pickles a condiment or a side dish?!

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