Jonathan Gold’s 2nd Annual Speakeasy Cocktail Party – Ticket Giveaway Like Liquid Gold

Kiwi Cucumber Cocktails by Angela Santana

Thanks all, for playing along! This giveaway is now closed. To see who got the tickets and will be going to Jonathan Gold’s Cocktail Party…check out the next post!

  • Strawberry Mojitos
  • Kermit Cocktail with Vodka Kiwi Lime and Cucumber
  • Siam Sapphire Gin Martini
  • Balsamic Lemonade Vodka Cocktail
  • Cucumber Lemon Limoncello Cocktail
  • Brindle Martini with Bulldog Gin and Elderflower
  • Summer Sangria
  • Watermelon Martinis
  • Zen Mojitos
  • Melon Mint Watermelon Agua Fresca
  • Sour Cherry Shrub
  • Grasshopper Cocktail
  • Blueberry Buck Cocktails
  • Raspberry & Key Lime Margarita
  • The Dirty Mojito
  • Saigon Mule Cocktail
  • Kicking Kiwi Cocktail with Midori Melon and Rum
  • Yuzu Julep
  • Mai Tai Cocktail
  • Pineapple Ginger Punch

[how gorgeous are these cocktails, all pulled from the DRINK section on tastespotting?! click on any of the pictures to see the individual post…]

Thirsty now?

Of course you are…which is why I am giving away a very precious pair of $400 tickets to Jonathan Gold’s Speakeasy Cocktail Party at Union Station on October 9, 2010 (next Saturday!). I have no idea why Zócalo Public Square let me have a pair of tickets to their party. Maybe they didn’t do that background check on me. Maybe it was all those drunk dials to their office last week. Maybe they thought I’d accidentally give away MY ticket so I couldn’t go. Maybe it was something…um.

Ok! So here we go…


You must do all two steps in order to enter the random drawing.

1. Comment

Leave a comment on this post with your favorite cocktail. This is the first half of your entry in the random ticket giveaway lottery drawing! It doesn’t really matter what else you say, as no special considerations will be given to particularly eloquent or witty remarks, though I can’t say that I wouldn’t pay more attention to love letters addressed to me. Then again, I did say it was random. Then again, I’m a little bit psycho.

2. Tweet

You can tweet anything you’d like related to #JGoldParty, but your tweet must say the following (how’s that for passive-aggressive?):

RT@TheDelicious: I’d like to win tickets to @TheJGold’s Speakeasy Cocktail Party @ThePublicSquare #JGoldSpeakeasy

If you don’t have a twitter account…OH WELL. Cross your fingers for a miracle. Or for a second giveaway on Facebook :)

jonathan gold speakeasy cocktail party restaurants + bars


I will use a technologically advanced method of picking a number at random and that will be the comment number on this post, hopefully, you. Remember, you have to tweet, too. I will double check. Oh yes I will.

You have until NOON tomorrow to complete your mission. That’s about 24-ish hours.

Good luck. May the best luck win because THIS IS A GAME OF CHANCE. As you will notice, I have not used any words like “contest,” “prize,” or “winner” that might imply that this is some sort of contest in which the winner wins a prize. There is no single winner. We are all winners!

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