Jonathan Gold’s 2nd Annual Speakeasy Cocktail Party – Ticket Giveaway Like Liquid Gold

Kiwi Cucumber Cocktails by Angela Santana

Thanks all, for playing along! This giveaway is now closed. To see who got the tickets and will be going to Jonathan Gold’s Cocktail Party…check out the next post!

  • Strawberry Mojitos
  • Kermit Cocktail with Vodka Kiwi Lime and Cucumber
  • Siam Sapphire Gin Martini
  • Balsamic Lemonade Vodka Cocktail
  • Cucumber Lemon Limoncello Cocktail
  • Brindle Martini with Bulldog Gin and Elderflower
  • Summer Sangria
  • Watermelon Martinis
  • Zen Mojitos
  • Melon Mint Watermelon Agua Fresca
  • Sour Cherry Shrub
  • Grasshopper Cocktail
  • Blueberry Buck Cocktails
  • Raspberry & Key Lime Margarita
  • The Dirty Mojito
  • Saigon Mule Cocktail
  • Kicking Kiwi Cocktail with Midori Melon and Rum
  • Yuzu Julep
  • Mai Tai Cocktail
  • Pineapple Ginger Punch

[how gorgeous are these cocktails, all pulled from the DRINK section on tastespotting?! click on any of the pictures to see the individual post…]

Thirsty now?

Of course you are…which is why I am giving away a very precious pair of $400 tickets to Jonathan Gold’s Speakeasy Cocktail Party at Union Station on October 9, 2010 (next Saturday!). I have no idea why Zócalo Public Square let me have a pair of tickets to their party. Maybe they didn’t do that background check on me. Maybe it was all those drunk dials to their office last week. Maybe they thought I’d accidentally give away MY ticket so I couldn’t go. Maybe it was something…um.

Ok! So here we go…


You must do all two steps in order to enter the random drawing.

1. Comment

Leave a comment on this post with your favorite cocktail. This is the first half of your entry in the random ticket giveaway lottery drawing! It doesn’t really matter what else you say, as no special considerations will be given to particularly eloquent or witty remarks, though I can’t say that I wouldn’t pay more attention to love letters addressed to me. Then again, I did say it was random. Then again, I’m a little bit psycho.

2. Tweet

You can tweet anything you’d like related to #JGoldParty, but your tweet must say the following (how’s that for passive-aggressive?):

RT@TheDelicious: I’d like to win tickets to @TheJGold’s Speakeasy Cocktail Party @ThePublicSquare #JGoldSpeakeasy

If you don’t have a twitter account…OH WELL. Cross your fingers for a miracle. Or for a second giveaway on Facebook :)

jonathan gold speakeasy cocktail party restaurants + bars


I will use a technologically advanced method of picking a number at random and that will be the comment number on this post, hopefully, you. Remember, you have to tweet, too. I will double check. Oh yes I will.

You have until NOON tomorrow to complete your mission. That’s about 24-ish hours.

Good luck. May the best luck win because THIS IS A GAME OF CHANCE. As you will notice, I have not used any words like “contest,” “prize,” or “winner” that might imply that this is some sort of contest in which the winner wins a prize. There is no single winner. We are all winners!

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  • Michelle Woo

    Kettle One Bloody Mary. Extra spicy. Yum.

  • H.C.

    My current obsession is Aviation (Aviation Gin preferred, but not required). crossing fingers :)

  • sarah sprague

    A classic sidecar is probably one of the best sipping cocktails ever created.

  • Steven Armstrong

    I love Sazeracs!

  • Justin M.

    Usually mojito, or some sort of rum fresh market concoction from Library Bar.

  • armando c

    i’m a sucker for a refreshing Mandy (that’s an Absolut Mandarin and tonic).

  • Caroline

    Random is never on my side but it’s worth a shot. My favorite drink is a perfect Manhattan…but lately I’ve been loving the 606 cocktail with Bols Genever, Sweet Vermouth, Fernet-Branca. Tasty!

  • Hemang

    An Old Fashioned, but with whiskey is for me!

  • Charul

    I love the classic Manhattan!

  • Cara K

    pomegranate martini :)

  • crystal

    a perfectly made mojito!

  • jenn

    @_jennalee I love blueberry mojito

  • matt

    Sailor jerry drinks!

  • Kaelin

    I love old fashioneds!

  • keri

    right now it would have to be a moscow mule.

  • My Man’s Belly

    Can’t get enough of the old fashioned. Rye whiskey, no fruit.

  • ShopEatSleep

    I love the Blood Sugar Sex Magic at Rivera, but generally a Ward 8 will do.

  • Dianne

    Saketini. Mmmm!(@punkagogo)

  • Rachael

    Currently it’s a well made Tequila Sunrise or Mojito with Bacardi Gold. :)

  • Michelle N.

    I’m currently in love with The Edison cocktail over at.. duh.. the edison! God I hope I win! I’m such a low budget foodie, and can never afford to go to things like these, only read about it on blogs o.o

    Chubby Bunny

  • Angela

    I am currently hot and heavy with Jalapeno Margarita’s. Add a splash of Hangar One Vanilla Vodka and a secret nectar ingredient for one that is OVER the top. Extra spicey please! Currently experimenting with a red pepper, sugar and salt rim!

  • Temma

    I can be fickle when it comes to cocktails, but at the moment I’ve fallen back in love with the martini – dry, with Hendrick’s gin, please.

  • http://FranklinAvenue Mike

    The jalapeno margarita at Loteria works for me. Oh, and you rock Sarah, etc etc.

  • winne

    French Martini (Vanilla Vodka, Chambord raspberry liquer, pineapple juice and splash of the bubbly) – yum!

  • Rachael

    OH baby, OH baby…I love a good martini.
    (And Sarah! How foxy you’re looking today! 5-alarm fire! Are you causing this heat-wave???)

    • Suzanne

      oh, sorry…@chickswknives

  • KrisDub

    I don’t know the name for my favorite cocktail, but it’s ginger beer and cognac with a twist of lemon and a dash of all spice.

  • LIMER35

    I agree with Keri, a good Moscow Mule served in a copper cup would be just perfect.

  • Suzanne

    I hope I win. My favorite cocktail is anything Julian Cox makes. His pepper smash is really good. @popyourpickle

  • Chris R

    The weirdest best drink I’ve had in the past year was the seared fois gras martini with chilled vodka mixed then fresh shavings of white truffle on top added. It literally tastes like a chocolate mousse drink.

  • John Hang

    A seasonal sangria puts me immediately on cloud 9


    Cranberry Sea Breeze: Cranberry Twist Vodka, Grapefruit juice, Cranberry juicy with a lemon twist

  • Shalimar Zabanal

    Whiskey Sour! ^_^

  • Christopher G.

    The Sasquatch from The Bigfoot Lodge in Atwater Village: Wild Turkey, Ginger Ale, Ginger Brandy and bitters.

  • Vipula

    Dark ‘n Stormy

  • Green LA Coalition

    Veev cocktail

  • NicoleM


    Anything with a basil infusion… but strawberry basil & vodka would probably be my favorite.

  • Jenny

    I love a good Red Hook, though it’s a shame so few bartenders know how to make them (or carry true maraschino liqueur).

  • angela

    two saints walk into a bar .. tho i haven’t met a bartender who knew how to make it aside from the one in chicago who introduced it to me

  • Malia P

    A well made fresh mojito or a lemon drop martini not too sweet! Must be this LA heat;)

  • Janice

    a spicy bloody mary, or a good dirty martini.. or a spicy dirty martini ;)


  • the Minty

    Brown Derby! Bourbon all the way!

  • Mark D.

    Don’t know if this breaks the rules but a good beer is better than a cocktail. My favorite drink right now is from Ninkasi Brewing in Eugene, OR – “Maiden the Shade” Its their seasonal beer with a light body and a really nice hop kick to it. Great citrus notes on the hops.

  • Kristen

    Oh, and that’s @kstancik.

  • Kika Davis

    The RH at the Andaz does a great cocktail called the Mr. Plant, which consists of No. 209 Gin, cucumber, tangerine, agave syrup and soda. So refreshing, especially on fraggin hot days like the ones we’ve been having! [I also tweeted @DuhKeeks]

  • Jai Kohli

    with an email address this time!

    The Bluebird at the Tasting Kitchen in Venice!

  • Stella Lee

    A FRESH Mint Mojito on a hot summer day!!! YUMMY YUMMYY

  • Betsy

    Cosmo….extra vodka :)

  • Erica

    I met a Grey Goose mixologist earlier this week and he invented a martini just for me – so the E.M.C. Martini is my new fav. And yes, it is purple.

  • Craig

    A dry vodka martini

  • Xuan

    Anything with Kettle One Vodka, but right now I’m into watermelon vodka martinis made with fresh watermelon. I think I need to make one right now!

  • bassbiz

    Manhattan for sure. Rye whiskey, sweet vermouth, angostura bitters! (though i like to add a slash of gingerale and drop a marschiano cherry to it)

  • Nadine K

    Mojito. Lots of fresh mint and lime. Brown sugar is key. Not just a summer time favorite!!

  • Joe-Mama

    My absolute favorite cocktail was inspired by one of the drink specials at the now defunct Vida on Hillhurst Ave. They lovingly referred to their drink specials as “Road Kill”. My version of “Road Kill” is made with homemade ginger-infused Vodka, fresh Tangerine juice and a splash of fresh Pomegranate juice. This “Road Kill” is to die for!! Enjoy!!

  • Carolyn S

    I once had a watermelon basil martini. It really was pretty much just downhill from there…

  • Ronny P

    Nothing beats a long island iced tea topped with chambord
    (sorry forgot to put my email)

  • dividend invester

    Pin cup. Hopefully that’s the right spelling.

  • Celia

    Peaches and Herb. Vodka and peach nectar muddled with basil, with a splash of ginger ale.

  • Ellen Lutwak AKA NameGirl

    The Erotic: Campari and grapefruit. Nothing heavy duty, but it reminds me of old times in New York.

  • Amber

    Go-to cocktail = 7&7

  • April D’Aguilar

    The Cucumber Cocktail @ Cliffs Edge … Sent Me n My Girl Over the Edge … Good Tymes!!!

  • Jessie

    The Blueberry Love at 7 Grand was pretty delicious. Although my friend once made me the most delicious raspberry mojito.

  • ItsRomy

    Grey Goose Dirty Martini. Yum. Yum.

  • Debbie

    My own hand-made mango mojito!

  • David

    A frigid Pear Martini with a perfectly thin round slice of Asian Pear at the W Walker Hill in Seoul…

  • Rachael

    I think I love the rum kha gai by Brian Summers a little TOO much. (And you know…this post doesn’t say how many times a girl can enter.)

    PS – You’re AWESOME.


  • Trevor Smith

    I love a fresh margarita with Grand Marnier – tasty!

  • Anonymous

    OOOohhh La La….so many cocktails I love…My favorite stil is the ” Dark and Stormy” at Good Luck Bar in Los Feliz. That drink just puts me heaven with all that Ginger flavor. Makes me feel like I am drinking something good for me. The cocunut shaped ceramic tiki glass they serve it in makes me feel special!


    • Kim Grisco

      OOOohhh La La….so many cocktails I love…My favorite stil is the ” Dark and Stormy” at Good Luck Bar in Los Feliz. That drink just puts me heaven with all that Ginger flavor. Makes me feel like I am drinking something good for me. The cocunut shaped ceramic tiki glass they serve it in makes me feel special!


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