Jonathan Gold’s Cocktail Party – Another Pair of Tickets, if You Describe Yourself in Five Words or Fewer

Jonathan Gold's Cocktail Party at Union Station invitation

Thanks for playing, everyone! This particular giveaway is now closed and the guest has been selected! Thanks for playing along with me!

Oh, you didn’t get the tickets in last week’s giveaway for Jonathan Gold’s Cocktail Party with the Zocalo Public Square? Bummer. Now what are you going to do with that gorgeous cocktail dress by Roberto Cavalli that you just ordered?!

You could try again.

Don’t ask me how or why I got a second $500 pair of tickets to give away right now. I’ll explain later, but let’s just say that it might have something to do with my brilliant beauty and stunning intelligence.

Whether you believe that statement is up to you.


Like they always say, the first time is painful. This is the second time, so we’re making it a little easier.


Easy. Fast. But you do have to have a twitter account.

Describe yourself in FIVE WORDS OR FEWER and add “I want to go to #JGoldParty @ThePublicSquare I am…”

Is that clear? If not, here is my sample entry tweet:

“I want to go to #JGoldParty @ThePublicSquare I am: Self-centered. Neurotic. Hyperactive. Obsessive. Emotional.”

Do not worry, I am not actually entering the giveaway. What kind of tacky blogger enters her own giveaway!? If you answered “TheDelicious,” you should at least know I’d use a different alias.

You don’t have to @ reply to me. I’m tracking entries with the “pound” (#JGoldParty).


But there are a few notes:

You have 24-ish hours. This giveaway ends tomorrow, September 22 at 12 noon so that who(m?)ever gets the tickets has enough time to find herself 1) a dress and 2) a date.

You do not have to follow Zocalo Public Square, Jonathan Gold, or moi to win, but I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, either.

Why Five Words, Sarah? Why so Random? Why Ask Why?

You may be wondering why on earth I picked such a random phrase to tweet as your entry to the ticket giveaway. It’s not random! Nothing about TheDelicious is random.

The five-word “self portrait” is the answer to the question “How would you describe yourself in five words or fewer?” I pulled it from an interview that Zocalo Public Square did with Jonathan Gold in their In the Green Room series. JGold answered “curmudgeonly enthusiastic.”

The full set of interview questions is a fun way to get quick insight on someone. I love all of JGold’s answers. Click through to read the entire interview. His responses make me love him even more.

I know. Love Jonathan Gold even more? How is that possible?!

This is the internet. Anything is possible.

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