Jonathan Gold’s Cocktail Party at Union Station, Ticket Giveaway – Because I’m a GoldDigger

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Thanks for playing, everyone! We have given the pair of tickets away and this particular giveaway is closed. But please continue sharing your favorite cocktails in the comments below…

who: You + 1
what: Winning a $500 pair of tickets to Jonathan Gold’s Cocktail Party at Union Station on Saturday October 10, 2009
when: Right now
where: Right here and on twitter
why:Because you can’t afford this bourgie event otherwiseBecause it will really impress your date to be around bourgie people who can afford this eventBecause you bought a cocktail dress without having an occasion (I may or may not have done this).

Because it’s Jonathan effin’ Gold.

Jonathan Gold's Cocktail Party at Union Station invitation
When first I got wind of Jonathan Gold’s Cocktail Party at Union Station on October 10, 2009 organized by Zocalo Public Square, I went a little light headed. Partially because the host is my hero, Jonathan Gold, partially because it’s a cocktail party, but mostly because the tickets are $500 a pair. Five hundred dollars?! Who has that kind of money to blow on being a guest at cocktail party?! (And where can I meet him?)

But Zocalo Public Square did something very generous this past Tuesday. They gave me a pair of tickets to the event, which is also fundraiser for their non-profit organization. I gasped. I squee!-ed. I gasped again. “Jonathan Gold!”

They also told me I couldn’t stalk Jonathan Gold.

I paused.

Not stalk Jonathan Gold?

IMPOSSIBLE. You just can’t put that kind of restraint on love and admiration.

So I agreed to give the tickets away.



Turn off your twitter and pay attention. This could get complicated. You must do all two steps. (Don’t be confused by the third one – it’s optional.)

1. Leave a comment on this post with your favorite cocktail

This is the first half of your entry in the random ticket giveaway lottery drawing! It doesn’t really matter what else you say, as no special considerations will be given to particularly eloquent or witty remarks, though I can’t say that I wouldn’t pay more attention to love letters addressed to me. Then again, I did say it was random. Then again, I’m a little bit psycho.

2. Tweet

You can tweet anything you’d like related to #JGoldParty, but your tweet must say the following (how’s that for passive-aggressive?): “RT@TheDelicious: I want to party w @TheJGold for @ThePublicSquare #JGoldParty I promise to stay classier than Sarah”

(If you win, you do not actually have to stay classier than me, but it won’t be that hard anyway.) Obviously if you don’t have a twitter account, you can’t do this part. OH WELL.

3. Optional

I’d be shocked if you weren’t already, but follow @ThePublicSquare and @TheJGold (neither of them have asked me to request this, but consider this my personal #FollowFriday recommendation, a day early). Following me @TheDelicious is also optional, but since this is my blog, it would be nice.

It may seem like a lot of effort for a pair of free tickets – THREE WHOLE STEPS and one of them isn’t even required! – but this is a pair of tickets worth $500 that’s supposed to be for a non-profit fundraiser, so essentially, you’re stealing $500 from them if you are chosen, so obviously we’re going to make you work for it, you lazy a$$. Besides, my Dad always said, “There’s no free lunch.”

He also said, “Never look a gift horse in the mouth,” which has nothing to do with this. I just wanted to throw that in there.


When the time comes, and baby, it will come, I will collect all the comment entries, throw them into my Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker, churn them, pick a commenter at random, and cross check against twitter for that tweet listed above in #2. If, for some reason, I decide to use a much less manual, much more technologically advanced method of picking a number at random, I’ll do that.

Don’t ask me when the time will be. I don’t know. It just has to “happen.”

Not true! You have until MIDNIGHT tonight to complete your mission. That’s 12 hours. I will do the entry collecting and churning through the night. Yes, the entire night. I use an abacus, which means nothing because I’m not counting anything. I will announce the lucky recipient on Friday, what time depends on how my date goes tonight. (Ooh, did you catch that? I have a date tonight!)

Good luck. May the best luck win because THIS IS A GAME OF CHANCE. As you will notice, I have not used any words like “contest,” “prize,” or “winner” that might imply that this is some sort of contest in which the winner wins a prize. There is no one winner. We are all winners. It just so happens that one of us also gets to go to the hottest party in town on someone else’s dime.

Now for the legal stuff.


There is no legal stuff!

The Delicious Life is not some big corporation that has a “Legal Dept” with a team of lawyers that writes official contest rules, eligibility requirements, and limitations of my liability to protect deep pockets.

However, I do have a couple of notes.

No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. Winner (oops) Party-goer need not be present to receive tickets. However, in order to be legible, you must type. You also must promise that IF YOU ARE BLESSED WITH THE TICKETS, you will call upon your inner  Girl Scout and go into hard core marketing mode.

This is a fundraiser for Zocalo Public Square, a non-profit organization. I like them because they put on high caliber, intelligent lectures and seminars about important, pressing shit. I don’t understand a lot of it, but associating myself with them makes me feel smart! Zocalo depends on events like this to keep its program successful. You are getting $500 tickets for FREE, so while Zocalo Public Square is being very generous by just giving these tickets to a partying pair, I have far less integrity and am making you promise that you will tweet/blog/talk/buzz your brains out about this event beforehand.

No, I have no way of enforcing this. You could lie but trust me *singsong voice* I will find out. I have been mercilessly deceived before and you know the saying…Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, and I S-W-E-A-R (that’s “promise” for those of you who can’t spell) that I will lose 30 pounds just so I can crawl through the Internet to your kitchen and use a citrus reamer on you in ways that wouldn’t be considered sexy.

Okay! So now that we’ve gotten the pleasantries out of the way…

Please comment and tweet, even if you can’t/don’t want to go to the event. A post with no comments is like that chubby, awkward girl in oversized pink plastic glasses at the middle school dance standing by herself during “Eternal Flame” nursing her shame and wounded heart with a plastic cup of punch.

And you wonder why “Eternal Flame” is *my* karaoke song.

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  • Dan

    old-fashioned with maker’s. hands down.

  • Active Foodie

    im a fan of a great mojito baby! :)

  • H.C.

    Wow, so many hoops to jump through (in a prom dress, no less! who’s psycho now?!)

    As for favorite cocktail, I’m still gaga (not Lady Gaga, who seems to be wearing a whacked-out prom dress everyday!) over Alembic Bar’s Strawberry Alarm Clock… if I have to pick something a bit more common, I guess a bramble.

  • Christine

    My usual cocktail is a 7&7, but for this contest, it’ll be whatever you want it to be!


  • katie bell

    moscow mule. and i would love to attempt to be classier than you. xx

  • Brittany

    i’mma have to go with my regular. an abosolut vodka soda with a splash of cran. :) so delish. (and hopefully delicious enough for you!)

  • Rebecca

    a tequila sunrise is the ideal sunday poolside in a monokini and oversized sunglasses drink.

  • Payman Bahmai

    My favorite cocktail is the Negroni (equal parts gin, sweet vermouth, Campari) because it’s the perfect aperitif, and an aperitif is the perfect beginning to a date!

  • Mary beth

    classic gin and tonic, double twist

  • Andrew

    goose and tonic, extra limes. sometimes the best things in life are the simple things.

  • Kenneth Darryl Pierce

    A classic Daiquiri. The kind like JFK and Hemingway drank, not the frozen concoction you would find at TGIF’s.

  • Danielle Brancazio

    How about a Pousse Cafe?

    Its a layered after dinner drink… only the french would make a drink this complicated and pretty… hmmm complicated and pretty, sounds like someone I know!

  • Shao

    I like a nice cold vodka tonic. Please say you are a vodka girl too!

    • Sarah J. Gim


      all the way.

      to the bottom of the bottle.

      with a splash of soda ;)

  • Eliot

    Negroni because my chest needs more hair.

  • John

    for such a wonderful event, i’ll go with a classic –

    martini, hendricks gin, super dry, 2 olives!

    • Christopher

      I’ll have what John’s having. When I win I’ll even take him as my “date” even though he doesn’t respond to my open advances to let this once promising bromance flourish.

  • KB

    Jameson on the rocks.

  • David J. Whelan

    Does Lagavulin count as a cocktail?

    No. That is a shame.

    In that case, it is a toss-up between (a) a mojito from Foreign Cinema, Tao, or pretty much anyplace they serve mojitos and (b) the Tucker Max Death Mix of Everclear, Gatorade, and Red Bull.

    (Disclaimer: I have never actually had b. I am not sure I have ever even had Everclear. I led a sheltered youth.)

  • http://zip Sally Stein

    Arnold Palmer with a splash of Patron silver.
    & Sarah plus the rest of you Gold-diggers, if you have ever hankered to sit down for a personal food outing with the best of the food writers, check out
    Taking the Reins’ Gold Plate raffle @
    Drawing of the winning $20 ticket will take place the day after Zocalo’s fundraiser on Sunday Oct 11 at Taking the Reins’ annual fundraising BBQ–which is another great event by another great LA nonprofit (this one specifically for LA’s underserved girls), though you need not attend the BBQ to enter the raffle though I’m hoping to see you there. Sally S

    • Sarah J. Gim

      sally, i LOVE the term “GoldDigger”

      may i use it?

      • http://zip Sally Stein

        Of course you may & thanks for letting me post the TTR Gold Plate raffle info. I’m a big fan of both Gold & Zocalo but since this year I’m helping a TTR ‘goddaughter’ finish up at Berkeley–she’s the first in her family to finish hs, then GCC & now UCB!!!–I couldn’t come up with the $ for Zocalo.

  • Erin

    vodka with an optional splash of soda & a twist of lime OR a mint julep in a frosted silver cup (cup not optional).

  • Kate @ Savour Fare

    May be travesty for this Angeleno, but Manhattan.

  • sam k

    Stagerac. 140 proof bourbon + absinthe at PDT. Who needs sleeping pills?

    • Nadia

      Wow. I’m trying that ASAP. :)

  • Pam

    Vodka tonic. Yeah, that’s right. I’m boring.

  • Stan

    Ice cold vodka.

  • jin yoo-kim

    I usually stick to scotch but on days when I feel like something sweet, I go for the Red-Headed Slut.

  • Esi

    A nice (classy?) simple glass of champagne…

  • Novy

    hen w/a splash of cran.

  • catty

    ANYTHING at all to do with Chambord! Sweet and girlie, yes, but heck so am I… *muahaha*

    I know this is randomness Sarah but *you* know I am gonna be in LA that weekend and if I win *RANDOMLY* guess who’s my date? YOU! Unless you already get to go, in which case, I might bring Daisy ;)

  • Corazon

    Gin and tonic, but if at Copa d’ Oro, the Green ESM.

  • SmokeyDoke

    Me! Me!

    Fav Cocktail: hmm… good old-fashioned Cosmopolitan. Sorry I don’t have anything more creative. See! I need to go! It’ll be a charity, I need to learn more about cocktails!

  • Alexandra Kazarian

    Fool’s Gold:
    Johnny Walker Gold w/ a splash of ginger ale. Mmmmm….

  • Sarah J. Gim

    Fool’s GOLD should be the signature drink of the event!

  • Sheree

    I like to have my “French Kiss” and drink it too.

  • Jacqueline

    I have two: A French Martini (Belvedere Vodka, Chambord, a splash of pineapple juice, and a splash of Champagne)

    Or (any) scotch, aged at least 12 years. Although, I will drink Johnny Blue all day, neat, if I could.

  • Nanciful

    I’m really a cocktail virgin but want to change that and soon.

    Anyways my favorite cocktail: dirty martini because I’m so 007 like that.

  • Jackie

    HI Sarah! It was nice meeting you the other night.

    Favorite cocktail….hmmm, it’s hard to choose just one, but if I had to mojitos are usually a safe bet.

    Awesome giveaway and LOVE your site!

    • Sarah J. Gim

      Hey Jackie! Thanks for stopping by The Delicious Life! and yes, good fun to meet in real life!

  • darci

    cucumber martini with vodka (grey goose)!!! yummy!

  • Dave Harrington

    Vodka Soda, Splash of Cranberry, Splash of Lime

    Better known as The Clamhound….

  • Caroline on Crack

    I love Manhattans made with rye, stirred not shaken with a brandied cherry, please. PS I love you and you’re my favorite blogger/entrepreneur/food porn photog!!! How’s that for kissin’ ass? ;)

  • Nadia

    Whooohoooo. I too have a cocktail dress that needs to be worn more than…once.

    Umm, so favorite cocktail(s)!

    1) Sazerac 2) Death in the Afternoon 3) Kir Royale.

    See the absinthe and/or champagne theme? Yes, I am stuck in 1920s Bohemian Paris. xxx

  • Sarah J. Gim

    whoa. this is WAY more fun that i thought because i’ve never heard of half these cocktails

  • hooverd

    V O D K A S O D A

  • e*starLA

    Ketel One Tonic – my backup for an untrustworthy cocktail menu

    You have a date, tonight?! Go, go, GO!! With luck, he isn’t telling you to meet him at Big Wangs. Or would he?!?!

    • Sarah J. Gim

      e* ~ i do indeed have a date tonight! SHOCK OF THE YEAR! but no he actually picked a very low key place on the westside.

      points for picking westside! minus points for SO low key i thought he was going to be 85 years old before i even met him.

  • darin beaman

    The Barbacoa at Rivera
    BTW Thanks for this awesome post

  • shelley

    my current fave is a classic caipirinha with a splash of fizzy lime soda from trader joe’s.

    1oz ypioca cachaca (leblon would work too)
    1/2 lime muddled in 1tsp of white granulated sugar
    2-3oz TJ lime soda
    plenty of ice.


  • Caroline on Crack

    This IS a fun post and not-contest! Thanks for doing it.

  • ShopEatSleep

    My old standby is a Jack & Ginger. Nothing fancy ;)

  • Streetgourmetla

    My current favorite cocktail is the tequilini of nanche fruit at Cheripan in Tijuana. I prefer tequila with a dead rattle snake floating in it, but don’t think it qualifies as a cocktail.

  • girlLawyer

    Champagne mojitos!! ‘Cuz I like to klass it up. ;-)

  • Caleb

    If we’re talking dinner where somebody might be wearing a fancy coat: Sapphire Martini, Up.

    If there are flip-flops, open flames, and sunshine involved: Dark & Stormy.


  • seth

    Hey Sarah, I’ll have a Gim and Tonic.

    • Sarah J. Gim

      and i’ll have a Seth on the Beach.

  • George

    French 75 and, a flashback to the 80’s, a Long Island Ice Tea.

  • lili


  • Jen G.

    Vodka Soda with a Splash of Pinneapple Juice

  • BurgerDogBoy

    White rum, tonic, lime. No contest!

  • Holly Velour

    Beer float from Golden State! Delicious!

  • AndyGL

    Favorite cocktail is a classic. The Manhattan.

  • Erin Davis

    The Key Lime Pie Martini from Asia de Cuba! One of the few places that actually serves it with graham crackers on the rim!

  • Dan Cox

    NEGRONI, with Martin Millers gin, on the rocks, prepared by Mr. Windsor at the Roger Room! I envision the two of us enjoying them together. At the Roger Room. Soon!!! (cause you’re Hot and could get us actual SEATS at the bar!:)

  • sally pancake

    dirty vodka martini, extra olives :)

    or, if i’m feeling particularly sweet, a bellini. yummmz.

  • Sarah J. Gim

    oh! perfect that some of y’all are so specific about the LA bar/restaurant that serves a given cocktail!

  • The Thirsty Pig

    The simple Gin & Tonic with Tanqueray Rangpur Gin.

  • carolanne burchell

    makers mark manhattan

  • sonia romero

    my favorite cocktails have tequila. and i also like mojitos

  • Lesley

    Sazerac. Hands down. Or maybe the Donaji at Rivera.

  • Cynthia Saucedo


  • Casey

    Macallan 12 on the rocks!

  • WALT!

    Muddled Old Fashioned! (As first drank at Marilyn’s in the Bowery of New York City…)

  • Anisha V

    My very own grapefruit mint martini with organic Crop vodka!

  • Jennifer

    Favorite cocktail? Tequila, pomegranate syrup and a splash of sparkling pear cider! Top of with fresh sprigs of mint and it’s golden!

  • Jennifer

    Forgot to link to the twitter account. Oops!

    Favorite cocktail? Tequila, pomegranate syrup and a splash of sparkling pear cider! Top of with fresh sprigs of mint and it’s golden!

  • Heather

    Bella Capri at comme ca. Gin, lime, simple syrup, basil, cucumber, Ginger. Deeelicious.

  • Heather

    Follow up. Heather is @heat3333 on Twitter.

  • Streetgourmetla

    Tequilini with nanche fruit from Cheripan in Tijuana.

  • Miss Fruitfly

    Jack Daniel’s. Neat.


  • Dave

    Citron & Tonic

  • Thomas Tseng

    Fuck JGold, I wanna party with Sarah Gim! Er, okay, I’ll play along: iced cold shira yuki sake…

  • christa

    My favorite cocktail consists of champagne, fresh squeezed mandarin orange juice, splash of bitters, splash of soda, mint

  • Bren

    Nuts N’ Berries. Plus after the 8th one or so, it’s just so fun to say! “Bartender! Gimme nuts! And berries! Giggle giggle!!”

  • Anne

    Gin Gimlet

    • Sarah J. Gim

      obviously i LOVE the name of this cocktail :)

  • Kristi D.

    Hmmm… that’s a tough one. Probs Corzo tequila w/ a splash of fresh grapefruit juice. Yum!

  • T.J.Roe

    I’m on a drinking fast (Not an alcoholic!). It’s effing hard. But for you I would sacrifice my sobriety for a night.

    I’ll take a Dirty Vodka Martini. Do you have any Bleu Cheese stuffed olives?

  • BoulaBoula

    My wife’s Margaritas

  • ES

    George Washington

    splash Rose’s lime juice

  • janie

    Cranberry Juice & Vodka whatever that’s called

  • nick

    uhm, vodka martini? shaken not stirred? :) ( you know i don’t drink!)

  • Josh C.

    Rye manhattan made with carpano antica.

  • Heather G.

    Makers Manhattan!

  • Christine

    Oh man, I’m too late for this but I just got off work! Does that give me some license? In any case, I don’t really drink but boy would I eat at that fundraiser. @ohchristineho

  • will

    WHO WOULD PAY $500 FOR THIS? You could fly to Europe for $500 these days. Retarded.

    • Sarah J. Gim

      of course you can fly to europe for $500. you can also get a one half of a pair of Jimmy Choo sandals, one night at the St Regis Hotel Monarch Bay, dinner for one at Urasawa…

      but this is a fundraiser for an org that does smart sh!t.

      much more worth it.

  • No-L

    Damnit, didn’t see this part!!
    I… hmm… well, my first foray into Gin drinks was at the Hungry Cat, and oh my, delicious… So, I’ll go with that one. Gin Lizzy: Gin (I believe Aviation, but not sure, it was so long ago, and so much higher up on the slippery slope of GIN!), muddled tangelos, simple syrup and lemon + lime juice with a little soda. Shaken, and then put over ice.
    Um, yeah. I LIKED IT!!!
    Or, anything that Miles at Tavern Law makes.

  • Kiki

    Chocolate martini !!!!!!!!!

  • Julie

    And old fashioned. The last time I had a good one, heck the last time I even ordered one, was at PDT and Death and Co. in NYC.

  • Lisa Cohen

    French Martini, courtesy of Johnny at the Dresden, Los Feliz.

  • green tea diet

    Well drinking too much is really not good to our health and it is not worth saying because people already know. But I guess I won’t question anyone on what he know, but it would be on what you do on what you know.

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