Just Like Riding a Bike – A Nooner at Abbot’s

abbot's vegetarian

Abbot’s Pizza Company II
1811 Pico Boulevard (@ 18th Street)
Santa Monica, CA 90405

If you’re “with” someone, then it’s pretty easy to get it all the time. Whenever you’re together, whether at home or out and about, you can go for it. In fact, you probably don’t even think all that much about it. It goes without saying – you both get home, maybe settle in, unwind a little, and if you’re in the mood, well, you’re in the mood *raises eyebrows*

But if you’re not with someone, then it’s a little tougher, but still, there are options. Maybe you have one of those kinds of relationships. You know, “friends” you can just call up for that one night. You go out, enjoy, then when you’re done, you have that unspoken understanding that you might not hear from each other again for a long time. *shrugs* Or maybe you’re okay with meeting up with someone you’ve just met, or maybe online. Not me. I’m not that kind of girl. Me? I go for the last option by default – just go without it.

When I get super busy at work, have lots of personal projects in the pipeline, family events coming up, daily stress, I don’t ever think about it, whether with someone or not. At the end of the day, I just get home and fall asleep and I won’t have thought about it, not even once. And that’s the case these last few weeks…

So I’ll just say it right now – I haven’t had pizza in a very long time.

vegetarian pizza
it’s the details that matter – like broccoli

Ever since an orgasmic experience at Abbot’s Pizza Company on Abbot Kinney in Venice a few months ago, I just can’t seem to enjoy any other pizza anymore. I mean, not that I ever did relish in pizza, because for pete’s sake, it’s just pizza. But after trying Abbot’s – crust that’s thick and crunchy on the outside, yet soft and chewy on the inside, seeded with poppy and sesame like a bagel, sauce that’s the perfect synthesis of sweets and spices, and big fat blobular globules of cheese. Ooooooh! I *mmm*ed three times. At least. Maybe four.

But that was a long time ago, and I wasn’t sure about trying it again.

But eating pizza is, as they say, just like riding a bike. You’ve done it before, so you know what you’re supposed to do. You might stumble awkwardly a little at first. But you’re thinking too much. If you just let your instincts take over, you’ll get the rhythm, and off you’ll go.

Am I getting mixed up? ;)

Many times, the first time is painful, the second time is marginally better, and then it’s great every single time after that. But not so with Abbot’s – the first time was incredible. And when we went back to Abbot’s Pizza for a noon-time lunch, the second time was five thousand times better. We went to Abbot’s Pizza Company II, their second location on Pico Boulevard. The pizza was the same, but everything else around it – leading up to it, the setting, and whatever it eventually led to, just made it so much more of an enjoyable experience overall.

sleek interior
you can do it on the bar or a table

APC II is their across the street from Santa Monica College. Smart move on Abbot’s part – tons of hungry college students zipping in, loaded down with books, grab a coupl’a slices, then bail for class. It’s a standalone building that’s much larger than the Venice store. The interior is airy and spacious, and still has that all-steel, brushed silvery sleek look on the counters, dining tables, and chairs.

But the best thing about APC II is that there is parking. Can you believe that? They have their own parking lot. The Venice location, which has no parking lot of its own, is on Abbot Kinney, which affords no street parking – not on the narrow, crowded main drag, nor on any of the tiny crooked side streets. It’s miserable enough trying to maneuver down through Main Street traffic, but driving down Abbot Kinney, making illegal U-turns, then driving back up looking for a parking spot over and over is absolutely agonizing. Especially when you’re starving. APC II has parking. A whole lot. I love it.

We had a vegetarian this time. And it even had broccoli. See, it’s the little things that matter. I’ll just say: it was excellent.

*sigh* I knew I could do it again.

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  • Anonymous

    In my experience the original Venice location is better, even though it’s the same place somehow the pizza tastes better standing there in a small cramped location eating off a paper plate!

  • Kirk

    Sarah – That’s a heck of alot of toppings for a pizza – I’m amazed that it didn’t end up soggy!

  • hermz

    I’m lame. I lived not far from there for years and I’ve still never had the Abbot’s. Maybe ignorance is bliss…? Maybe I don’t want to find all other pizza lacking.

  • Phat

    Actually, there is a parking lot behind the Venice location on Abbot Kinney. It’s free city parking. Just east of Abbot Kinney and California… I like the Venice location as well. The guys behind the counter tossing their dough. The bulletin board with homemade signs for dog walkers. The small tables outside crowded with hippie regulars from Abbot’s Habit. A true Venice institution.

  • sarah

    anon and phat: i guess there’s always something to be said for the original, but i am just so seduced by VERY convenient parking. am i pizza ho or what?!?! just give me a parking spot and i’m sold – LOL!

    kirk: it’s a lot of toppings, but it’s strange – though the crust is fairly thin, it can still stand up to all of the stuff on top – i think it does have to do with the fact that it’s a bagel crust.

    hermz: you gotta try it. come on , o ye of getting the good grub all over town ;)

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