Just a Little More Time to Dine Before We Dish – Dine & Dish no. 5 – Asian Persuasion

dine and dish no. 5 - asian persuasion
Like cold, clear sake out of a ceramic bottle, the emails have slowly been trickling in, and in my hourly-not-daily travels around the food blogosphere (yes, that is how much time I have, still funemployed), I’ve seen a few posts of “zee ay-zhun per-sway-zhun.” It’s Dine and Dish, and for number five, we’re craving something a little Asian.

There’s not a whole lot of time left to dine before we dish it all out on Tuesday, December 6, 2005. Of course it’s a ridiculously hectic/chaotic/stressful warp-speed time of the year, so that’s exactly the reason to take the weekend off from Holiday Hell, breathe in, breathe out, and zen out in the serenity of a sushi bar. Or soak in the soothing steam from a bowl of Vietnamese pho. Or maybe you just need to sweat out that stress with some spicy Thai. Whatever you do, relax, untangle those chopsticks, and make it Asian.

For anyone new…Dine and Dish is an online blog event open to just about anyone. Bloggers have about a month or so to dine out at a restaurant that fits within their interpretation of the theme, post about it on their blog anytime on or before a specified date, and once everyone has posted their experiences on their own blogs, we’ll have a delicious little dishing session right here at The Delicious Life, summarizing each blogger’s experience.

Sound like fun? The last four have been, that’s for sure. We dined in, at, or *ahem* on any sort of bar for Barfly. We hailed the Queen of Cuisine, dining in restaurants owned or kitchen run by women. For The Freshman, we welcomed restaurants in their first year. Our last Dine and Dish was hosted by Sam of Becks n Posh, and she dubbed us Rachael Ray for a Day, challenging us to dine out all over our cities for under $40.

Can’t wait to see all the entries for Asian Persuasion, and hoping I get to learn about some Asian cuisines that are off the eaten path. Burmese, anyone? :)

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