Kanpai Sushi Bar and Grill, Westchester – Therapy

Kanpai Sushi - Sashimi Starter Plate: salmon, scallops, hamachi, hirame, albacore, tuna

“He’s fucking married.”

And so I had to go to therapy be taken out for sushi.

(Thank you TP, for taking me out when I needed it most, and for sharing your secret.)

Salmon-Wrapped Mango

Kanpai Sushi - Salmon Wrapped Mango


Kanpai Sushi - Scallops

Hamachi with Jalapeno

Kanpai Sushi - Hamachi Jalapeno


Kanpai Sushi - Hirame Whitefish

Albacore Sashimi with Crispy Fried Shallots

Kanpai Sushi - Albacore Sashimi with Fried Shallots


Kanpai Sushi - Tuna

Wagyu Beef Sashimi

Kanpai Sushi - Wagyu Beef Sashimi

Wagyu Beef, Seared

Kanpai Sushi - Wagyu Beef Seared

Sauces and Salt for Wagyu Beef

Kanpai Sushi - Sauces

Wagyu Beef, Certificate of Authenticity

Wagyu Beef Certificate of Authenticity

Rainbow Toro Sushi

Kanpai Sushi - Rainbow Toro

Albacore Sushi, “Sawara Style”

Kanpai Sushi - Albacore Sushi, Sawara Style

Shima Aji (Striped Jack) Sushi

Kanpai Sushi - Shima Aji Sushi

Salmon Sushi

Kanpai Sushi - Salmon Sushi

Sushi Plate

Kanpai Sushi - Sushi Plate

Toro Sushi

Kanpai Sushi - Toro Sushi

Sawara Sushi with Crispy Fried Shallots

Kanpai Sushi - Sawara with Crispy Fried Shallots

Soft Shell Crab Salad

Kanpai Sushi - Soft Shell Crab Salad

Seared Toro with Truffle Oil Hand Roll

Kanpai Sushi - Seared Toro with Truffle Oil Hand Roll


Kanpai Sushi - Azure Sake

Sake, Azure

Kanpai Sushi - Sake

Hashioki, Handmade by Sarah

Kanpai Sushi - Hashioki, Handmade by Sarah

Rising Sun Dessert

Japanese Kabocha Squash boiled in coconut milk, served with vanilla ice cream
Kanpai Sushi - Kabocha Squash Coconut Milk Ice Cream

Strawberry Sorbet

Kanpai Sushi - Strawberry Sorbet

Kanpai Japanese Sushi Bar & Grill

Kanpai Sushi - Sign

Kanpai Sushi and Grill
8325 Lincoln Blvd (83rd Street)
Westchester, CA 90045
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  • http://misstiffie.net miss tiffie

    orgasmic photos

  • http://chezannies.blogspot.com Nate @ House of Annie

    Veddy nice. The sushi, I mean. Much of the fish looks oversauced, but I’d still eat it.

  • http://blog.tonypierce.com Tony

    Lets go back soon!

  • http://www.thecattylife.com catty

    holy cow (no pun!) the wagyu beef sashimi looks INSANE. look at that marbling! yummo. And really, why do you need an excuse to go out for sushi? :)

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