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the delicious life in KoreAm Journals' My Life is an Open Blog
Oh boy.

I can’t believe I am outing myself like this.

Though I always consider myself American, I am, by heritage, *gasp!* Korean. I know. Out-ed!

And, if you’ve ever been curious about what The Delicious might look like, the link goes to a part of a story in the May 2007 issue of KoreAm Journal, and yes, that is a photograph of yours. Truly. Don’t point, laugh, make fun, or be mean in any way, please. I am a blogger, which means I am sensitive. I blog about food, which makes me even more susceptible to emotionally caving in on myself. Trust me, I’ve already nervously eaten my way through half a chocolate cake doused with sriracha over this.

It took a lot of courage for me to even have dinner with Ellyn Pak, the story’s author, at K-Zo in Culver City (I’ll be writing up the meal later). Meet a stranger face-to-face? In person? Like would we actually have to talk *gulp* out loud? Dinner wasn’t bad at all, though it was a little weird that Ellyn snapped out her little pad of paper and took notes throughout the meal – but whipping out a camera, hovering two inches from the plate and taking close-ups of food is totally normal! Anyway, dinner was lovely and Ellyn is very cool.

However, it basically sent me into a tail-spin when she asked me for a picture to publish with the story. A picture? You mean like…a photograph? There is a reason that my profile photo over there –>went from being just a wicked smile to just a naughty kisskiss. I purported that The Delicious Life is a food blog and that I never wanted to distract from the food with a photo of gorgeous, yes deliciously stunning, me (!), but let’s be real here. This might be a food blog, but when have I ever really written about food?!?!

Right. Maybe July 2005?

Gack. I’m painfully shy about how I look and scour the interweb on a regular basis in an effort to eradicate any full frontal evidence of my face save for one in which I am getting so verrrry dirty that it doesn’t matter. And now, there it is. I hate myself. *sigh* I’m sure I’ll survive this.

The whole story is online. Ellyn did a good job on the story about Korean-American bloggers around the country: AngryAsianMan, MetroDad (on whom I have a secret cybercrush for his writings about his wife and daughter in NY – don’t worry Metrodad! I’m not a stalker!), and KimchiMamas with Stefania Butler, a blogger with whom I’ve worked and adore because she might actually have a sassier mouth than me. It deserves a reading, you know, if you’re all pseudo-FOB like that.


I know. With all of my shyness about the way I look and having pictures of myself out there in the wild, there is absolutely no evidence of my being included in the article in the online version EXCEPT FOR, NOT ONE, BUT TWO, YES TWO (!) PHOTOS OF ME.

*sigh* I feel nauseous. I think I’m going to go hide in a pint of melted Haagen Dazs coffee ice cream swirled with Tasbaco.

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