Korean Dduk, Korean Dduk Gook, and for Ice Cream…More Cheese! – Celebrating the New Year, Korean Style

dduk gook - korean rice cake and dumpling soup
My mom went a little crazy with the dduk service on New Year’s Day.

More shortly on how my New Year was like Better Off Dead…

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  • Anonymous

    please tell me that i’m not the only one (male) in so cal who “bows to the food” on new years day. i believe its a budhist ceremony to honor/remember ancestors.

    by the way, the dduk gook looks good. looks better than my mother’s (don’t tell her i said that).

  • T.

    never had dduk, damn that looks good.

  • Cayenne

    Don’t suppose any healthy amount of groveling and begging would coax a recipe from you, oh venerable source of all things Korean and yummy?

    The New Year is around the corner yet again…

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