Krug Champagne Dinner at XIV

Krug Rose Champagne with Pork Tenderloin at xiv restaurant

You know what they say.

Caviar Parfait

Caviar with dill gastrique, Krug Grand Cuvée MV
xiv restaurant, west hollywood - Caviar Parfait

Krug Grand Cuvée MV

Krug Champagne Grand Cuvee


coconut-saffron, vanilla, oro blanco grapefruit, hearts of palm, Krug 1998
xiv restaurant, west hollywood - scallops

Krug 1998

Krug Champagne 1998

Mushroom Tart

mushroom tart with truffle froth and truffle vinaigrette
xiv restaurant, west hollywood - mushroom tart

Krug Collection

Krug Collection

Krug Collection 1989

Krug Collection 1989 (no. 7911!) with Mushroom Tart
Krug Collection 1989 no 7911 with Mushroom Tart

Pork Tenderloin

with chicharron, pigtail fritter, rhubarb, caramelized fennel, Swiss chard and radish
xiv restaurant, west hollywood - pork tenderloin

Pigtail Fritter

xiv restaurant, west hollywood - pigtail fritter

Krug Rosé MV

Krug Champagne - Rose

“Tea for Two” Dessert

Earl Grey creme Anglaise, donuts, vanilla shortbread with blood orange marmalade and Meyer lemon curd
xiv restaurant, west hollywood - doughnuts

Krug Champagnes

Grand Cuvée, Krug 1998, Krug Collection 1989, Rosé
Krug Champagne - grand cuvee, 1998, collection 1989, rose

Krug Champagne Glass

Krug Champagne glasses

Krug Champagne Dinner Menu

Oh, you know, “just because it’s Tuesday.”
Krug Champagne Dinner at xiv restaurant, west hollywood - menu

Krug Champagne
XIV Restaurant
8117 Sunset Blvd
West Hollywood CA 90046
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