‘La Dilettante’ Sparkling Vouvray 2010 + essie ‘Navigate Her’

La Dilettante Sparkling Vouvray 2010

This post is about contradictions.

But now, more than two months after I started composing the post in my head, I still haven’t been able to complete a single thematically coherent paragraph about it. Not a single paragraph.

So I’m just posting pictures in a supremely overachieving literalization of “show, don’t tell.” Hopefully it makes sense.

Catherine et Pierre Breton ‘La Dilettante’ Vouvray 2010

Yellow-green polka dots. Sparkling wine.
La Dilettante Sparkling Vouvray 2010

La Dilettante Sparkling Vouvray 2010

green + yellow polka dot manicure

Yellow, Green, and Glitter Nail Polishes

Revlon ‘Sunshine Sparkle’ (bright, pale yellow), essie ‘Navigate Her’ (creamy, slightly dusty green), and some no-name-brand shimmer top coat for sparkle. You can’t see the sparkle in the photos, but it’s there.
yellow, green glitter nail polish bottles

Pho Ga (chicken pho) with Quinoa

Full detailed recipe for Pho Ga with Quinoa here.

Pho Ga to phight phlu. Quinoa for january qleanse. All of it with sparkling Vouvray a la NongLa‘s pet ‘Pepie bulles.’

Yes, that is parsley in my pho. I can’t stand cilantro.
chicken Pho Quinoa,bowl

chicken Pho Quinoa, closeup

chicken Pho Quinoa

star anise, cinnamon and coriander

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