LA Times Says The Delicious Life is Bucking Frilliant!

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Well, not bucking frilliant. Maybe not even just “brilliant.” Okay, so they didn’t make any kind of positive judgment at all, but they mentioned little Delicious me! It’s there! The Delicious Life is there in print! A teeny tiny two-line mention in the Los Angeles Times made my whole fucking (rest of the) week. Gawd, I am so easily pleased.

So that’s the *eek!* part. Now here comes the *wtf?* part.

In this post-Holiday purgatory when no one really reads the newspaper, the LA Times did a piece on food blogs and in a sidebar box, among the list of fellow food blogs, just factually stated that The Delicious Life has “anecdotes (a baby shower at La Terza), opinions, personal relationships, and recipes.”


Yes, The Delicious Life is quite anecdotal. Isn’t that what a blog is? A collection of anecdotes? But why on earth would the LA Times highlight, of the 700+ “anecdotes” from which they could choose, my sister’s baby shower at La Terza? Why, LA Times, why?!? Is a baby shower a true representation of my Delicious Life? A baby shower written from the persepective of this utterly gorgeous glamour single, baby-less girl who has no plans in the near- nor mid-term future of ever shooting an alien down my birth canal?

Oh well. I’m still tickled.

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  • Maure

    Must have been a helluva baby shower. Congrats on the mention
    K-town, I mean, B-town girl.

    P.S. Tylenol has never looked so delicious.

  • eugene

    Is it just me or are posts this year being added in a non-linear manner. this LAT post shows up after the Tastespotting, but is dated before? Maybe I’m just crazy. Lay some posts down Sarah (though you’re definitely holding it down with the style picks at styledash).

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