LaOn Dining, Koreatown {restaurant}

LaOn Dining {korean} - bulgogi lettuce wraps

Bring it (La) on.

Beef Tartare

seasoned raw beef wrapped in Radish, topped with quail egg $10
LaOn Dining {korean} - beef tartare

LaOn Dining {korean} - yook hwae

Seven Wrap

cucumber, carrot, beef, shiitake mushroom, egg with sliced daikon radish wrap $7
LaOn Dining {korean} - seven wrap

LaOn Dining {korean} - seven wrap

Fish Wrap

steamed fish and vegetables in egg wrap $10
LaOn Dining {korean} - fish and caviar wrap

Chilled Cucumber

with beef, shiitake mushrooms, egg, in vinaigrette $6
LaOn Dining {korean} - cucumber bulgogi

LaOn Dining {korean} - cucumber bulgogi

Bulgogi Lettuce Wrap

LaOn Dining {korean} - bulgogi lettuce wraps

Shrimp and Beef Salad

shrimp, sliced beef, pine nuts, cucumber and Korean pears in mustard vinaigrette $10
LaOn Dining {korean} - shrimp beef salad

Grilled Sea Bass

marinated and grilled with gingko, chestnuts, and dates $12
LaOn Dining {korean} - grilled cod

Spicy Octopus

“nakji bokkeum” stir fried octopus and vegetables in red shili paste sauce – like FIRE, not wine-friendly $10
LaOn Dining {korean} - spicy octopus


rice cakes with stir fried vegetables in soy seasoning sauce $10
LaOn Dining {korean} - dduk bokki

Jahp Chae

stir fried vegetables and glass noodles $7
LaOn Dining {korean} - jahp chae

Chilled Noodles

“bibim gook-soo” soy based cold thin noodle – SPICY $6
LaOn Dining {korean} - Bibim gook soo

Mushrooms for Hwa Ro

LaOn Dining {korean} - mushrooms

Beef Tongue $8

LaOn Dining {korean} - Korean BBQ beef tongue

Hwa Ro Grill

boneless short ribs [$10] and filet mignon [$16]
LaOn Dining {korean} - Korean bbq hwa ro grill

Korean Desserts

ho dduk, ice cream, green tea chap-sal (sweet rice) doughnut
LaOn Dining {korean} - desserts

Few of the Wines We Drank

Marcel Deiss wines


LaOn Dining {korean} - chopsticks

Hand Towels

LaOn Dining {korean} - hand towels

LaOn Dining

LaOn Dining {korean} - sign

LaOn Dining

1145 S. Western Ave
Los Angeles CA 90006

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