Laurel Hardware {brunch}

Laurel hardware Brunch - chicken and Biscuit


Wake up, dress in “weekend brunch wear,” pick at pastries, order eggs sunny side scrambled over easy, over medium, over hard, under Hollandaise for Benedict, omelet, no, it’s “omelette,” frittata, and bacon and sausage and hash browns, and short stack and tall stack and silver dollars and waffles and Belgian waffles and French toast and toast toast, and…

All that ceremony just because what you really want is an excuse to eat vodka-soaked olives and green beans at 10 AM.

{pictured above: chicken and biscuit with egg}

Scramble with Spinach and Pancetta

Laurel Hardware Brunch - scramble

Pork Chop with Peaches + Fried Egg

Laurel Hardware Brunch - pork chop and peaches

Chicken + Biscuit + Fried Egg

Laurel Hardware Brunch - chicken and biscuit

Bloody Mary

Laurel Hardware Brunch - Bloody Mary


Individual shiny French Press pots, though the coffee was not very good, and so weak it tasted like hot water passed through an unwashed coffee pot (even though I let it sit for long past the server-instructed time). Peeked inside the pot and there wasn’t enough coffee for how coarsely the beans were ground.

Obviously, easily fixable! Hopefully Laurel Hardware will discover Kings Road Café just up the street and start buying their beans…
Laurel Hardware Brunch - coffee out of French Press

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  • redrum

    Who invented the bloody mary? let’s give them an expense paid trip to new mexico. and whoever decided to stick in random pickled things, they can go too.

  • managedmacros

    Beautiful pictures. I have a brunch club that meets once a month and you are right…it IS about the vodka in the a.m.!!!

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