Le Cupcake – Just When You Think You’ve Found “The One”

le cupcake, santa monica, los angeles, ca and washington dc - red velvet cupcake

Le Cupcake

(formerly at) The Santa Monica Place Mall
3 Santa Monica Place @ 3rd Street and Broadway
Santa Monica, CA 90401

Whether or not you subscribe to the philosophy, and if you do, whether or not you will find it, and if you find it, whether or not you will know you’ve found it, and if you know, whether or not you actually end up with it – whether or not – at one point, when you were as fresh as a daisy in the morning Springtime dew, bright and young and naïve, when you were clipping pictures of dresses and upswept hairstyles and flower arrangements and tiered, fondant-covered cakes and squirreling them away in a manila folder labeled “Wedding,” you entertained the idea of “The One.”

You know what I’m talking about. The full DeBeers-inspired fantasy played out in a sepia-toned filter with fuzzy edges in your head every night before you fell asleep. You’d be huddled under an awning in the pouring rain using your New York Times Style section to shield you from the splashes off the pavement, then he’d duck under, shielding himself with *gasp* The New York Times Business section, and your eyes would meet and suddenly the entire scene downshifts into slow-mo and both of you would instantly know in that prolonged-by-slow-mo moment, when your eyes would meet, that you had found (The) One another.

You thought about that. You believed that someday, you’d find The One and live happily a-diamond-is-forever after. You believed in The One. I know you did.

I did, too.

Whether I still have my folder of magazine clippings filed away in the locked putty colored Hon file cabinet in the corner of my bedroom is for me to know and you to never find out.

le cupcake, santa monica, los angeles, box of cupcakes

le cupcake, santa monica, los angeles, chocolate chocolate cupcake

le cupcake, santa monica, los angeles, ca - strawberry cupcake

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