Little Miss Muffet Eats Eggs on Turkey

turkey eggs benedict for end of the month eggs on toast
English Miss Muffin
Without leftover stuffin’
Was eating her eggs on toast.
Along came a turkey,
Leftover gravy, no work-y,
Turkey Benedict from the West Coast!

The end of the month could not have come at a more perfect time for us here in the States – what better way to eat up all those
leftovers from Thanksgiving than with a late brunch of eggs on toast on the day after. And Jeanne, of Cook, Sister! could not have challenged us with a more appropriate literary theme for this 13th chapter of EotMEoTE than nursery rhymes. Along with the last last last literary challenge of Dr. Seuss, I am now more than prepared to be an awesome eemo (“aunt” in Korean) for The Bunny, almost two weeks young!

It seems that all of these recent chapters of EotMEoTE are perfect for The Bunny. When my sister, the Bunny’s mom, trusts me enough to leave me alone to babysit, I’ll also be ready to secretly replace Baby’s Beethoven with Abba on the monitor while I read her a bedtime story. I’ve already read her a recipe for Chicken Piccata. You know, start with the basics like chicken first ;) Hey, when The Bunny is a senior in high school, cooking dinner for them after dancing queen practice, her parents will thank me.

It’s Eggs Benedict, but since this is American Thanksgiving, we replace the Canadian bacon with all-American roast turkey and make Turkey Benedict. It’s almost too perfectly easy. I love crispy crunchy toasty dark, so the English Miss Muffins went overtime in the tanning booth. I also love dark meat, but for some reason, in the big leftover lottery, I got stuck with a bag of turkey breast. Oh well, you lose some leg, you win some egg. Poached ones are becoming easier for me ;) You can’t ever beat a good, creamy Hollandaise, but herb turkey gravy to drown the Benedicts sure can give the lemony butter sauce a run for its money.

Turkey Benedict – perfect shopping fuel the day after Thanksgiving, to you know, hit up the mall dot com.

*sigh* I am such a geek.

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1 Eddie Lin December 8, 2005 at 4:08 pm

uh, sarah,

you’re not a poet
and you don’t know it.

just kidding. good stuff, sweety!


2 Jeanne January 4, 2006 at 5:19 pm

Hey Sarah

Don’t die of shock now… but the round-up is finally POSTED!! You can check it out here:

Thanks for playing along yet again :-)


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