A Love Affair With Southern Cooking and Gifting You with a Winner

a love affair with southern cooking

The Delicious Life Birthday Month Cookbook Giftaway
A Love Affair with Southern Cooking

The Short Version: Click to leave a comment with your favorite Southern food to possibly receive A Love Affair with Southern Cooking by Jean Anderson, this year’s James Beard Foundation Book Awards winner in the Americana category.

You have until some time just before the next giveaway post goes up, which might be in an hour, or might be next Thursday. Also, as I mentioned when this whole crazy Birthday Month Cookbook Giveaway kicked off, if you win, you are under no obligation to make anything from the book, blog about it, post pictures to flickr or email me about it — What am I going to do? Come to your house and threaten to beat you with a balloon whisk? — but it would be a really nice way to show your appreciation, since that’s all I ever ask in this lifetime, you know. A little appreciation.

The Long Version: The Oscars/Emmys/Grammys — but not the Tonys, because really, does anyone actually care about the Tonys? — of the food world was held last night in New York. Food magazines, journalists, writers and bloggers will be all abuzz for the next few days about who won what in the James Beard Foundation Awards. I, on the other hand, am disappointed that there was no awards “show” that was televised, and that Ryan Seacrest and Mrs. First Apprentice were not doing a pre-awards show. I am not disappointed however, that Joan and Melissa were not doing an opposing telecast from the Red Carpet on a different channel.

Actually, awards show make my body convulse in a way that might alarm the natives.

The truth is, the James Beard Award nominees this year in all of the categories from chefs to restaurants to books were not all that interesting to me until one of the nominees arrived on my doorstep. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a hot chef in just an apron; I received a review copy of A Love Affair with Southern Cooking. I flipped through the book, loved the definitions, short stories, and timelines of Southern history, and couldn’t wait to try the recipes before giving the book away. Who knew I’d be giving away a winner?

I also wans’t paying very close attention to my external life, so the announcement of the winners being today came as a tiny bit of a surprise to me.

Incidentally, I gave away a cookbook earlier this year, Lee Bros. Southern Cooking, which won the very same award last year. Two award-winning cookbooks, and I give them away! My dear, sweet, cookie-coated The Delicious Life readers, that’s how much I love you.

Yes, there are now multiple giveaways happening at the same time here on The Delicious Life. Can you believe the controlled chaos?! I love it, and it could possibly get even more frenzied because that’s just how insanely generous I am feeling these days (let’s just ignore the fact that a shelf is about to crack under the weight of a shi-ton of cookbooks, so I actually have to give the books away). I have faith that you will be able to keep up. You multi-task. You manage competing priorities. Those were salient points on your power resume.

Oh, and for the rekkid, my favorite Southern food is a buttermilk biscuit, with or without a battered, deep-fried chicken breast.

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  • Sonya

    My fave southern food? Definitely fried chicken…or fried okra actually…or, um, fried green tomatoes…or fried soft shell crab…well, maybe fried oysters…or…. Yah, I’m noticing a trend here, too.

  • rachel

    My favorite Southern food is a Po’ Boy! Specifically, the oyster po’ boys from Mothers Restaurant in New Orleans.

  • Sean

    It is all about the barbecue, baby! Sweet, tangy pulled pork with cool, creamy slaw on top. That’s what I’m talkin’ bout.

  • SunJun

    As a Southerner, you’ve left me in a very difficult situation. My heritage as a North Carolinian says that I must answer with Lexington-style BBQ with a side of hush puppies and slaw, yet the one dish that screams comfort food is fried okra. All washed down with a cold glass of tea.

  • Craig

    hmmmm southern food.

  • H. C.

    fried chicken would be too easy a response — though honestly I think it’d be neck-and-neck with pecan pie for me, though I can take the latter only in small quantities.

  • dessertobsessed

    favorite southern food: any type of pie and bread pudding!

  • Maggie’s Farm


  • Maggie’s Farm


  • SJK

    rachel above there mentioned a favorite of mine already. But, alas to be unique I will say Texas smoked brisket.

  • sarah j. gim

    sonya: hm, i don’t see the trend in your favorites.. :)

    rachel: po boy! and i wish i had known about mother’s before going to new orleans back in january!

    sean: and i seem to see a rising popularity in those pulled pork or barbecue beef sandwiches with coleslaw in them.

    sunjun: hush puppies! haha! i totally remember those, though we had them only when we ate at Red Lobster. :/

    craig: if that’s you, craig, well unfortunately there is no recipe for lemon bars in the book, but still lots of desserts and pastries.

    h.c.: pecan pie. absolutely.

    dessertobsessed: bread pudding. excellent call.

    maggie’s farm: red velvet cake was the one i baked from the Lee Bros Southern Cookbook! even though i don’t understand red velvet. :)

  • sarah j. gim

    sjk: but why does brisket always taste so dry to me?

    kait: another one for fried chicken! in this book, different version, including one with crushed pecans.

  • RosePetalTea

    Chocolate Pecan Jack Daniel’s Cake with Jack Daniel’s Chocolate Sauce.

    I dare you to eat just one piece. :-)

  • LaLa Brat

    No question. Fried chicken

  • Sensuous Gourmet

    Cajun barbecue shrimp! Suck them heads!

  • Chiara

    I love me some sweet corn bread, spicy cajun jambalaya, and catfish anything!

    I never understood the idea behind red velvet cupcakes too, but they grew on me (and now I fondly call them RVC’s).

  • Chris

    Biscuits, without a doubt. Nothing is better than their fluffy, floury goodness, and there’s just something so interesting and appealing about a recipe so simple as biscuits being passed down with such tenderness from generation to generation.

  • jkru

    cornbread, fo sho!

  • Susan

    did you say “food” or “foods”? fried chicken, chicken fried steak, biscuits & sausage gravy, gravy in general, bbq, fried pickles, cobblers…

  • meliass

    Mmm…southern food. I love it. Must have it.


  • d*

    nothing beats grits and fried green tomatoes.


  • ashley

    one word: PIE.

  • tom

    Coconut layer cake.

  • Tiffany

    That would have to be Red Velvet, hands down :)

  • Michelle

    Black-eyed peas. Don’t know why, I just like ’em.

  • dave

    fried okra without a doubt.

    i miss my grandma.

  • FranMag

    I love corn bread and everything fried that Sonya mentioned and pulled pork in a sandwich with tangy barbecue sauce and po’boys and….can I just say all of the above??

  • TNelson

    My mother was southern born and raised – when we visited the relatives in TN there was almost too much good food to describe. The best I remember? My Great Aunt Genivie’s breakfasts – fresh made biscuits, home-made jam, fried eggs, bacon and sausage – I now realize she and the great uncle were morbidly obese but oh could she cook!

  • Ima Wurdibitsch

    Chicken smoked on a grill with white sauce (a mixture for BBQ chicken made with vinegar, mayo, lime juice and pepper) with turnip greens, black-eyed peas, and cornbread.

  • Sarah Carrico

    Gumbo. I lovelovelovelove Gumbo. It’s Creole, though… and I’m from Idaho. Does Gumbo count?

  • Michele

    Boiled crawfish and shrimp, with potatoes and corn. mmm mmm good.

  • Erin


    I really hope I win this one…I keep trying, cus June is my birthday month too!!

  • oddlyme

    Popcorn popped in bacon fat.

    Light, crispy, crunchy, with a salty smoky taste. Spectacular!

    I’ve never seen it in a cookbook, but the only folks I’ve met who know of it and have had it, are from the south.

  • oddlyme

    Popcorn popped in bacon fat.

    Light, crispy, crunchy, with a salty smoky taste. Spectacular!

    I’ve never seen it in a cookbook, but the only folks I’ve met who know of it and have had it, are from the south.

  • oddlyme

    Oh and biscuits too, made with White Lilly Flour.

    And pickled peaches as a side dish/fruit.

  • Deborah

    I haven’t had too much authentic southern food, but I’ll take fried chicken any day!!

  • teri48xxx

    Deep fried chicken is the best. I also love seafood gumbo with rice. Spicier the better.

  • JL

    Biscuits and gumbo and barbecue, please don’t ask me to choose. I even like boiled peanuts!

  • Linda

    Fave southern food has got to be the mac n cheese!

  • Simply

    Does macaroni and cheese from the blue box count?

  • Kate

    Buttermilk biscuits hot from the oven with fresh salted butter and peach preserves. Nothing else; I could eat the biscuits all day.

  • Lillian

    My favorite summer food? Anything with rhubarb, or made with cream or best, made with both.

  • poohdarln

    mmmm pulled pork sandwiches with coleslaw on top with a vinegary bbq sauce and sweet tea!

  • Betsy

    anything with sweet tea. specifically chic fil a. but i really love making green beans with bacon fat – my mom did it, her mom did it. i know, it sounds disgusting, but ooo the flavor.

  • sarah j. gim

    good gracious! who knew there’d be so much interest in southern cooking! i’m picking the winner shortly, but until i actually run random.org, you can still play ;)

  • Mark

    Mine has to be pulled pork. No doubt about it. Tangy, fatty, sweet, salty, there are few things better in life.

  • Toystory

    My hubby for some reason loves grits, and a dish that is made with shrimp and grits is his favorite!!

  • Toystory

    My hubby for some reason loves grits, and a dish that is made with shrimp and grits is his favorite!!

  • katy

    I love fried green tomatoes and cornbread!

  • kamewh

    Definitely fried chicken!

  • kamewh

    Definitely fried chicken!

  • Cookie

    banana pudding!

  • Sallie

    We are having it tonight – Sevie Beans, Fresh Sliced John’s Island Tomatoes, Southern Potato Salad, Silver Queen Corn on the Cob, and Fried Chicken – all topped off with a Peach Cobbler with Buttermilk Sherbert! Happy Eating Y’all!

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