Lukshon, Culver City – Good Night and Good…

Lukshon - Shrimp Toast

As Lukshon — or in our case, friends with a reservation — would have it…

raw: Malpeque Oysters

Malpeque oysters from Prince Edward Island, sudachi long pepper mignonette [$15/$30]. Oysters were very deliciously “oyster-y.” Drank sauce straight.
Lukshon - Malpeque Oysters

raw: Deer Island Scallops

with water chestnut cucumber relish and prawn salt [$17]. Very sweet.
Lukshon - Scallops

raw: Spanish Mackerel – WIN!

with coconut vinegar, jalapeno, lemongrass, and green papaya [$14] Weird, but in a good way.
Lukshon - Spanish Mackerel

wine: Brokenwood Semillon Hunter Valley (Australia)

with raw oysters, scallops, and Spanish mackerel, selection by Eduardo “singing somm” Porto Carreiro
Semillon, Hunter Valley, Brokenwood

small: Shrimp Toast

rock shrimp with cilantro, chiles and tiny crouton [$14]
Lukshon - Shrimp Toast

small: Chicken Pops – WIN!

Shelton Farms drumettes, garlic, kecap manis, spicy sichuan salt [$14]. Kind of want to order an entire tray for a party. Or just myself.
Lukshon - Chicken Pops

wine: Lambrusco

“shimmery sweet”

small: Pickled Cauliflower

accompaniment to roti canai
Lukshon - Pickled Cauliflower

small: Lamb Sausage Roti Canai – WIN!

chana dal, cumin, mint, pickled cauliflower [$15]. All pizza should be on crisp, flaky roti.
Lukshon - Lamb Sausage Roti Canai

big: Prince Edward Island Mussels

green chile rempah, coconut, tapioca, thai basil, lime [$19]. “Is that roe?! Ew…” “It’s tapioca.” “Oh. Oh! *slurp*”
Lukshon - Mussels

big: Short Rib Rendang

malay spices, red chile lemongrass rempah, coconut cream [$32]
Lukshon - Rendang

noodles: Dandan Noodles – WIN!

kurobota pork, sesame, preserved mustard greens, sichuan peppercorns, peanuts [$13] like jia jiang myun. but browner. and heavier. and spicier. so actually, no, not like jia jiang myun.
Lukshon - Dandan Noodles

rice: Heirloom Black Rice

lap cheong, onion, roasted garlic, fried egg [$11]
Lukshon - Black Rice with Fried Egg

Lukshon - Black Rice with Fried Egg

rice: XO Rice

jasmine rice, housemade xo sauce, long beans, egg [$10] skip this. weird, in a weird way.
Lukshon - XO Rice

sides: Yu Choy Sum

with aged ham, shaoxing wine, garlic. $8
Lukshon - Yu Choy Sum

endings: Vietnamese Iced Coffee

Lukshon - Vietnamese Iced Coffee

endings: Dessert Plate

pine nut cake with Asian pear sorbet, mandarin sorbet with pomegranate, coconut boba
Lukshon - Desserts

endings: Boba from Dessert Plate

Lukshon - Boba

in the Helms Bakery Complex (with H.D. Buttercup and Father’s Office)
3239 Helms Ave.
Culver City, CA
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1 Heather February 26, 2011 at 11:38 am

This dinner looks absolutely incredible. I don’t think I will ever be in Culver City to try it myself but I did enjoy looking at the pictures!


2 esther onto porto carreiro February 26, 2011 at 11:47 am

pictures and food & wine pairing fantastic


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