MB Post, Manhattan Beach {restaurant}

MB Post, Manhattan Beach - Cheddar Bacon Biscuits

Charcuterie, Mustards, Pickles and Olives

La Quercia prosciutto, Serrano ham, picante salame, Casalingo salame, mustards ($2), pickles ($3), and olives ($6)
MB Post, Manhattan Beach - Charcuterie

Bacon Cheddar Buttermilk Biscuits and Grilled Flatbread

Bacon cheddar buttermilk biscuits [$5] reminded me of Red Lobster‘s Cheddar Bay Biscuits. But with bacon. And about 4,628,362x more deliciousness. The biscuits were soft and crumbly and filled with bacon and had little barnacles of melted-toasted-then-cooled cheese attached to them. There were four biscuits. There were five people. I didn’t know how to handle myself with the math so I just snatched one from the board, pretended to split it with Le Ben by cutting it in half, then proceeded to eat all three pieces. (Don’t work out the math. It makes sense only to me.) I’m embarrassed by my greed and gluttony, but only a little because obviously, if I were truly embarrassed, I wouldn’t have just blogged it out loud, now wouldn’t’ve I?

Wouldn’t’ve I?!” Did I really just type that? Ouch. That one hurt my spleen.

Grilled flatbread [$4] came with a harissa yogurt sauce that was a little too spicy. But maybe I should have actually eaten the bread with the sauce instead of spreading firecream straight onto my tongue.
MB Post, Manhattan Beach - Cheddar Bacon Biscuits


with mushrooms and poached Jidori egg ($10)
MB Post, Manhattan Beach - Asparagus

Sprouting Broccoli

MB Post, Manhattan Beach - Sprouting Broccoli

Shishito Peppers

MB Post, Manhattan Beach - Shishito Peppers

Roasted Beets

MB Post, Manhattan Beach - Roasted Beets

Maitake Mushrooms

with semolina
MB Post, Manhattan Beach - Maitake Mushrooms

Green Beans

with Thai basil, chili sauce, and crispy pork
MB Post, Manhattan Beach - Green Beans

Nantes Carrots

These are the best carrots I’ve ever tasted in my life.




I couldn’t believe it. Carrots? I had to marvel at the fact that they were even on a menu as an orderable dish. Carrots aren’t real food. Carrots are what you throw into the pot whole when you’re making chicken stock. Or slice into those stupid “coins” to make them easy to eat on salads but that just makes them dry out faster and curl up into teeny tiny carrot bowls that you won’t eat. Or cut into carrot “flowers” as garnish for miso soup. Or…whatever. Who would order carrots? Who?! Obviously, we did. And good thing we did because MY GOD these carrots were good. Soft. Sticky. But not with some sort of syrupy glaze. I kept asking myself “What is with these carrots?” as I shoved one carrot after another down my throat. You guys? I can’t even remember if I shared them with the rest of the table after I took the first bite. What is with these carrots?! I cook, I should know how these carrots were made, but I couldn’t think straight. Probably because I was trying to swallow carrots whole.
MB Post, Manhattan Beach - Carrots


green curry, Vietnamese sausage and coriander rice. ($14)
MB Post, Manhattan Beach - Mussels Green Curry

Sword Squid

White Oak grilled, with marinated gigante beans amd lemon curd. ($11)
MB Post, Manhattan Beach - Sword Squid

Vietnamese Caramel Pork Jowl

with green papaya salad and lime ($13)
MB Post, Manhattan Beach - Pork Jowl

BBQ Lamb Belly

with creamy semolina and cardamom carrots ($13)
MB Post, Manhattan Beach - Lamb Belly

Braised Beef Cheeks

MB Post, Manhattan Beach - Beef Cheeks

Huet, Grosjean Petite Arvine 2010

Grosjean Petite Arvine, BEA Santa Chiara 2009


MB Post Dinner Menu

The menu is folded up like a letter, placed in an envelope and addressed to whomever made the reservation. Nice detail.
MB Post, Manhattan Beach - Menu

Guest Book

The check came tucked into the pages of a guestbook titled “Chefs I Met and Liked.” Cute.
MB Post, Manhattan Beach - Guest Book

MB Post, Manhattan Beach - Wall

MB Post, Manhattan Beach - Sign

MB Post
1142 Manhattan Ave
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

dinner Sunday November, 6, 2011 with Le Ben, Dan P, and Scott + Elizabeth

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1 Simon November 7, 2011 at 9:03 pm

Those brussel sprouts look so yummy! oh lord!


2 Vicki November 8, 2011 at 11:25 am

Apparently it’s roasted carrots and butterscotch?


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