McRib is Back – The Delicious Daily 12.14.2009

McRib is Back sign, McDonald's

I am drinking a large Diet Coke. Whether I am washing down a McRib with it is for me to…no.

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  • abraxis

    I had my last McRib in Munich last spring. It felt like it was a regular item over there. Is that an LA wide thing or just at certain stores?

    Feels like a road trip is on tap soon!

  • Kevin H

    P.S. Have you brushed up on your First Amendment rights? She can say whatever she wants on her blog.

    Assuming you know anything about America which I don’t think you do because of your complete ignorance of anything outside your little bubble.

  • Craig

    Everything tastes better with a “Mc” put in front of it.

  • dawn

    McMystery meat!

  • Sarah J. Gim

    Abraxis: It makes me sad…I hope people in Munich don’t think the McRib is representative of American barbecue!

    Craig: this is true! I definitely like my Egg McSarah!

    dawn: It is a mystery, especially those “ribs” (though I haven’t actually seen the inside of a McRib lately, so not sure they still have that)

    Kevin: thanks for the support :)

  • abraxis

    I think the average Münchner probably appreciates that the McRib is the only pork sandwich you can get outside of breakfast hours (where the full of awesome Sausage McMuffin w/egg rules supreme!) and has no resemblance to authentic BBQ.

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