Mexican Martini, Tequila Tequila Tequila, and the Curse of the Ex’s Car

Mexican Martini with Tequila and Lime

I don’t pay attention to cars.

I’m not blind to cars in a way that would make me a hazard on the road. I will have you know that I am a hazard on the road for other reasons, one of which may or may not be my being a middle-aged Asian female. It’s just that on the grand spectrum of “Personally Cares About Cars” where one extreme is the girl who won’t date a man whose car costs less than her pristine Bentley GT and the other extreme is…well, hrm. I am the other extreme.

I’ve been driving the same car ever since I got my driver’s license, which was don’t-ask-won’t-tell-how-many years ago. Let’s just overestimate it this way: when I was learning how to drive, the first car to which I put my foot to pedal was an Oldsmobile, which tells you a lot because they don’t even make that car anymore and for God’s sake it has the word “old” right in the name.

Do I have to keep writing this post? I am three-quarters of the way to a cougar complex.

Now it’s not the exact same car, but I have been driving the exact same make and model because someone in my family in a previous lifetime must have beaten up a horse and now I have to pay for it with my overly reliable transportation. Little does Miss Karma Sunshine know that I don’t pay attention to cars so this little punishment was a waste of energy!

The point is, I only ever notice a car when it’s trying really hard to standout with either its brand or its bravado. Because of the neighborhood in which I’ve chosen to live, I couldn’t ignore a flashy flamin’ hot Ferrari if I tried. Otherwise, every car blends in with the rest.

Except the car that my Ex drove.

Which is a not a common “car.” Which is a commoner’s car. Which is not a car I would ever in a million years have ever even noticed before, at least not more than say a Ford Taurus, but which I now seem to notice at least three times on any driving excursion anywhere in this city as if Costco had a green light special on them for 12 months.

“Oh, that’s the same car that…” I say in my head.




But is that so unusual? Isn’t this some sort of well-known social behavior? A natural reaction in the psychology of our brains? At the very least, there has to be an ancient Chinese proverb that says something along the lines of: “she who dates a jerk will never escape his jerky car?!” (Don’t pretend that you 1) didn’t get that in your last fortune cookie from Chin Chin and 2) add “in bed” at the end.)

The phenomenon is not just limited to ex-boyfriends.


This past summer, naturally, everywhere I drove I saw that car choking along the road. Also this past summer, naturally, everywhere I drove I saw tequila. I expected to see Patron because it is precisely the result of Patron’s full-scale, cross-country, cross-media “Simply Perfect” marketing campaign that I had the opportunity to do nothing but eat, breathe, sleep and cry Patron.

But I wasn’t just seeing Patron.


It started with Milagro, which I noticed because I had never heard of Milagro before I was gifted with the bottle that is now sitting in my liquor cabinet, untouched. (It is unopen not because I am unappreciative, but because I am enjoying the beauty of the virgin bottle over whatever “beauty” I may experience if I were to actually drink tequila.)

However, within a two-mile radius of my house, I saw other brands of one tequila, two tequila, three tequila, more, splashed across billboards and…bus stops. Because people who ride the bus are exactly the market that buys premium tequila…? And these were just billboards that I caught on digital film because I happened to have my camera out and on in the car. Don’t ask me why I would have the camera on. A good food photographer is always ready to snap a photo of a wayward hot dog or something wandering the streets of West LA.


The oddly coincidental launch of all these tequila billboards may have been no coincidence at all. It could have been the result of some secret tequila monopoly marketing mafia thing this past summer. I don’t know. And now I will probably have that tequila mafia after me because I just mentioned them on my blog.

It may also be that tequila is an alcohol that is, indeed, coming into trendy favor, kind of the way other alcohols and cocktails have had their 15 minutes in the past. Martini. Pina Colada. Cosmo. Mojito (gag). Now it’s tequila turn. Of course, tequila is the alcohol, not the cocktail, but maybe that is a point. Tequila doesn’t really make good cocktails other than a margarita.

Or maybe it’s time for the Mexican Martini to have its moment. Because a Mexican Martini is not a margarita.

Mexican Martini. Hm.

“That’s the drink the Ex served at the first party where I met his friends…”

How to Make a Mexican Martini

Shake together:

  • 2 parts tequila
  • 2 parts Triple Sec
  • 1 part lime juice
  • 1 part orange juice
  • splash of Sprite
  • ice

Strain into glasses rimmed with salt. Garnish with lime wedges and/or jalapeno stuffed olives.

Though we didn’t do this for ours (mostly because we forgot), throw in a splash of olive juice. It probably has the same effect as a salt rim.

Mexican Martini Recipes and Resources Elsewhere:

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  • Trissa

    I have to say, I really love the way you write – you remind me of a girl version of Holden from Catcher in the Rye.

  • Streetgourmetla

    These are sometimes called tequilinis in Mexico.I know a bar that has a full menu of tequilinis.

    There are so many tequila based cocktails, they just haven’t made it to the US.I like palomas,tequila with squirt,a little salt, and a squeeze of fresh orange.Even better when the bartender makes the squirt from scratch!

  • Sarah J. Gim

    Trissa: you have no idea how much a compliment that is. Thank you. You just made my week, and it’s only Monday!

    StreetGourmetLA: and this is why we must turn to you for better information and education about tequila! :D

  • averagebetty

    Great stuff, Sarah.
    My make and model is out of manufacture too. But… I keep it clean. It’s been garaged. The other day I was packing up groceries and a guy came up and asked me what year my car was. I divulged and he said, “Wow. Looks brand new. My ex-girlfriend had one just like this back then. Brand new. Same year… You single?” “No,” I replied. “In fact, I bought this car a week before I met my husband.” The guy just smirked and looked at me like I was… old.

    We call them Toxi-ritas or Marga-tinis… no Sprite, all fresh juices. Pineapple instead of orange is a nice twist too.

  • Adri

    It’s amazing how something is brought to your attention and now you’ll see it all over the place. Ex’s cars are perfect examples of that. Every time I see a similar car I shirk in my seat thinking it may be someone who lives an hour away… eugh.

    At least with the explosion of tequila ads your awareness was brought upon it for happy reasons. My guess is that if you were forced to spend the summer surrounded by entirely different ingredients to promote you would find an abundance of adverts in unusual places solely due to your work..

  • Gina

    I loved reading this! Funny and so true. After I broke up with my Ex I kept seeing his dopplegangers (did I spell that right?) all over the place even though I knew he had moved out of the city.

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  • lala
  • Sarah J. Gim

    averagebetty: your comment beats my post!

    adri: the thing is, i never think that the car is his and that i’ll actually see him. in fact, i wouldn’t mind it. i look fantastic these days

    gina: oh, that actually happens to me too.

  • student driver

    What a great blog! I am so glad I have discovered it. I have kept my dating blog separate from my food life, sorta. I like to keep a bit of anonymity, for my guy’s sake. Looking forward to following you!

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