Mozza’s Sunday Brunch in la Scuola

Mozza Brunch - Pork, cavolo nero, fagioli poached egg

Mozza has just started serving brunch in the Scuola (Mozza2Go). Now I truly can walk to Mozza for every meal…

Dolce Gubana

Sweet pastry with walnut and almond paste, served with Bourbon butter. Briana spooned Bourbon butter onto her plate and ate it with a fork, straight up. And yes, I kept singing “Dolce and Gab-BA-na” in my head.
Mozza Brunch - Dolce Gubana Bread with Bourbon Butter

Dolce Gubana

Nancy Silverton sliced the Dolce Gubana at the table for each person!
Mozza brunch - dolce gubana bread

Nancy Silverton, plating asparagus

Mozza Brunch, Nancy Silverton plating asparagus

Poached White Asparagus

with sauce Hollandaise and celery leaf
Mozza brunch - poached white asparagus with Hollandaise and celery leaf

Roast Pork Shoulder alla Toscana

with poached egg, fagioli alla Castelluciano and cavolo nero. I took the poached egg (perfect) in one bite, whole. Don’t ask me why.
Mozza brunch - pork beans cavolo nero poached egg

Market Lettuces Vinaigrette

with Carboncino (soft sheep, cow, and goat milk cheese from Piedmont). Serving pastry as a starter and salad for dessert? I was won over before the meal even started.
Mozza brunch - market lettuce and cheese

On the Table

oranges, lemons, and brass farm animals!


Mozza Brunch Menu

Mozza Brunch
in la Scuola at Mozza2Go
6610 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90038
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