New and Improved!

new and improved!
I never quite understood how this little phrase came into being. New and improved! If it is new, then that means it wasn’t there before. So what did you improve on? It’s just new. I just don’t know what the addition of “improved” means. It means that there could be something out there that’s “New but not any better!” or “New but sucks even worse!” And if it is improved, then doesn’t that mean it has to be something old that was already in existence? Then it’s not even new. I think it should be new-ly improved. *sigh*

Anyway, these are the types of silly things that plague my little brain all day. Really. That and what kind of tart to make for tomorrow’s rapidly approaching deadline for Sugar High Friday no. 9!

But really now, the delicious life has some little added things that are new, which I suppose, means the site has improved. See, now that makes sense (but hyperlinking to myself in the previous sentence does not make sense, so I guess it’s back to zero.) Looking for a date? Let’s chat!

Looking for a Date?
There’s a list of events and their dates in the side bar. There are just so many interesting things happening out there in the flogosphere that I thought I’d keep a little calendar of sorts. There are some real world (as opposed to virtual) dates, too. Like my 23rd birthday!

Okay, so I’m nowhere near 23, but I can pretend. This is the internet for fox ache. *wink*

Let’s Chat
The second improvement is just an experiment in insanity. I am now a delicious buddy open to chit-chat about food right now. Yes, right now! So if you feel like eating a steak, well, go to Ruth’s and eat a steak! But if you feel like chatting about a steak, find me. The Delicious Life on aol.

We’ll see how this works out.

And no, it wasn’t “Are you looking for a date? If so, let’s chat.” It was “Looking for a date? Look in the sidebar. And by the way, if you want to chat, I’m online.” LOL!

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1 Jane June 16, 2005 at 11:09 pm

Pointing out the errors with the phrase “New and Improved!”? Thanks a lot. I had managed to not notice that one before.

Now we can add that to the list of things that will drive me insane.

What ever happened when you had New York Deli delivered to your office – how much trouble were you in? And what was the damn problem anyway?


2 sarah June 20, 2005 at 4:31 pm

oh, there are lots of stupid silly little things that bug the s*** out of me, but if i posted them all, you’d go crazy – lol! (i already am)

and the new york deli thing…well, i got my wrist slapped with some sweetly stern reminders about how things work in the office…and so far, i still have my job – lol!


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